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Will greets Gil (hee) in his office -- Gil's is one of the names C.J. gave Will -- and they share packing-up pleasantries. Gil admits that change sounds nice, so Will asks what he thinks of running for office. He explains about the Oregon seat, but Gil just counters that everyone there loves the incumbent. Will corrects him that Heffinger is known, not loved. When Gil muses that it would be a nasty fight, Will kind of lovingly muses, "The best ones are." Gil's not very hot on the idea of losing an election, but Will tries to assure him that if they put up a decent candidate, that person would have a chance. Unfortunately, Gil's not buying it. Gil is a pill to Will who still wants to fill...the...congressional seat. Sigh.

Santos jumps right into wanting to talk to C.J. about working for him, and she equally quickly assures him that Josh will be a great Chief of Staff and that they don't need to create a position for her. Santos announces, "C.J., this isn't a courtesy call -- this is a real offer." He wants her to come on board and help with the Kazakhstan situation so that his new cabinet can deal with other matters, and lays on how important she would be to the process, since she's already been involved. The next bomb he drops is that he's hired Vinick, which seems to stun her. He pushes hard on her continuing working on Kazakhstan while his new cabinet starts other things, but she finally breaks it to him that she had never considered staying in the White House. He interrupts to ask for just two years: "Special Counselor to the President?" She starts to offer what sounds like a refusal when Ronna breaks in apologetically to say that Santos has to leave. He tells C.J., "Uh, I'd love to talk to you more about this, but they've kind of got me on a sprint today, so I can see I'm going to have to make this fast and dirty. I'm the President-Elect of the United States and I'm asking you to help your country, so I'm probably not going to take no for an answer. So you go home and you think about it and you call me back with a yes. Thanks for coming in, C.J." That's a sentence from someone who clearly has really gotten to like both his title and the sound of his own voice.

As if to illustrate C.J.'s importance in the matter, Kate catches her on her way back to the office to ask her to lead that 4 PM China call, and to soothe the Chinese Defense Minister into feeling like the U.S. is reaching out to them and not vice versa. C.J. agrees, and then receives the transition memos from Margaret -- only three of the thirty due. When she realizes that Kate's is not there, she loses her shit and goes on a tirade about promotion, staying on or not, new people needing to know information, and this current staff still governing. She's still the only one pushing that message -- that they are governing for two more weeks.

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