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Outside, C.J. is speed-walking down the street, and poor Danny can't keep up. She insists that she just wants to make it to lunch when he corrects her that this is lunch, and although I'd jump up and volunteer to get a hot dog with him right now, C.J. just fakes happy and asks him what was so important. Again, Danny's answer is "this": "It's this -- the walk, the day." Tactfully, she replies, "That's it?" Let's take a moment, shall we, out of C.J. rudeness to notice that Danny's hair waves up a bit on top, which helps him to look only two or three inches shorter than C.J. In real life, I have little patience for the men shorter than I that vie for my time. But to see someone sweet and non-greasy (that C.J. didn't meet in a bar -- yeah, so that's where I meet guys, what of it?) have the balls to go for a hot taller woman...well, it just warms my heart.

And now, back to the snit. When Danny tries to tell C.J. that he just wanted her to get out and see a beautiful day for a little while, she's irked, and insists that she was busy. The one thing I sort of believe is her statement that it was a really nice idea, but she repeats that this wasn't the day. Danny apologizes, and she tells him not to. These two just need a ban on apologies, or I'm going to need to make it an auto-command in my Word program. Danny gets to the real seed of his idea: "I thought it might do us good to see each other in the daylight. We're together from 11 PM to midnight or 5 to 6 AM; we're both half asleep. It leads to a lot of tension that I think is probably unnecessary -- like this morning, for example." All he wants is to hear about her day. C.J. looks surprised, not quite sure what to do other than pick some lint off Danny's coat. He takes her arm, and they resume walking, as she says, "Franklin Hollis showed up in my office with the most attractive offer I think I've ever heard, which I believe I'll have to turn down because I had a meeting with the President-Elect and it looks like I'm going to work in the White House a couple more years." Well, when you put it that way....

Danny looks understandably confused and stops; C.J. takes that moment to gripe that she doesn't see the food vendor. Ignoring that, Danny asks if she told Santos yet, and she says probably tomorrow. He's taken aback and finally, after telling her it's great, utters, "Wow." She's clueless about his shock. He takes a moment before stepping toward her -- I think choosing his words carefully -- before asking if she was going to talk to him about it first. Unfortunately, when C.J. establishes that Danny's serious, her answer is no. Even knowing that this will be resolved, I'm having such uncomfortable dating situational vibes right now, when you realize you're the one who likes the other person better than the person likes you. She tells him that their relationship isn't like that yet. "Apparently," he agrees. At this, she gets angry and asks where he gets off thinking he can decide things about her career. Whoa, C.J. hang on! Again, I go back to my storied dating past, and people having the same reaction. Who knew this hour of television would end up giving me hives? Seriously, is it so hard to just have a conversation, folks? A sounding board? Danny says the same thing -- he just wanted in on the conversation -- and also asks, if they don't have that kind of relationship, what kind is it? C.J. tries to put off this conversation until after the inauguration, but he points out that if she's working for Santos, they won't be able to have it then. He goes through the same list of what's coming up that Donna gave Josh a while back: "We keep shoving this conversation downstream. At some point, you have to choose to have a relationship. We're not twenty-five anymore. At our age, you can't date a little and screw a little and wait around to see if you get sentimental at Christmas. You have to decide you're going to make another person a part of your life." C.J.'s just staring at Danny. "A partner," he concludes.

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