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A Day In The Life Of Claudia Jean

Mural Room. C.J. pours some water and starts speaking to the French Ambassador about the Sudan. Frenchy has already heard about the attacks on the camps, although he calls them "internally displaced people's camps." He agrees that the attacks are awful. C.J. tells him that they want to cut off the flow of money to the government in order to try to stop the genocide. He points out that the European Union has formally condemned the genocide, and she tells him, "The perpetrators do not care." That's the problem with most genocidal maniacs -- they don't really care what others think of them. Frenchy points out that French students have launched a divestiture campaign. C.J. turns that to her advantage, pointing to it as a sign that the French government has "the domestic constituency to support bold action." She tells him that the U.S. may be willing to support reopening French arms sales to China in exchange for a U.N. resolution sanctioning Sudanese oil. He immediately tells her that China will veto such a resolution. She tells him, "They might," but he tells her there's no doubt about it. He blusters, "If it was up to me, NATO troops would have been on the ground in the Sudan years ago." She asks if he's offering French troops for a NATO peacekeeping mission, and he backtracks, claiming that it's best for the African Union troops to solve what is an African problem. She tells him, "We would all prefer an African solution, but it's not working." He tells her that they have to study the root of the problem, and suggests that, for too long, the U.S. went easy on the Sudanese government out of a desire to gain its assistance in gathering intelligence on extremis Islamist terrorist groups. He continues, "When we push things to the side, often they come back to haunt us." Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that the French government will not introduce the resolution because it will hurt relations with China. Frenchy: "You are so fond of calling yourselves the leaders of the free world. So, lead." Commercials.

C.J. walks into Will's office and asks, "What do you got?" Whatever she's looking for, he hasn't got it. He tried to learn out about Doug's nanny situation, but couldn't find a tactful way to call people in New Hampshire and ask if Doug Westin "is committing adultery with the nanny." C.J. is not happy with this development, telling him, "You have to be a little more artful than that." Will just doesn't think that's possible: "The segue hasn't been invented that takes us from 'How's the weather,' to 'Is Doug Westin hammering the nanny?'" C.J. calls him "useless," but it turns out that he was able to learn that Doug and Elizabeth's 26-year-old nanny was let go in August and is now in Europe. He also learned that a lot of reporters (including Danny) are "talking to people off the record about Doug." Finally, he found a picture of the family that included the nanny: "That's the nanny, right there. Which makes me think he did it." C.J. gives him a look, and he tells her, "Just look at her." She asks him what he means, and he says, "I'm just saying…" C.J.: "Yeah, I can see your mouth moving. You're just saying what?" Will just thinks that the hotness of the nanny makes him think that Doug was tappin' her. So to speak. C.J. is morally outraged, pointing out that the Westins have children. Will: "Sure. It'd be stupid to have a nanny if you didn't have kids." He again admires the nanny's hotness, and C.J. becomes quite impatient. Will tells her that he thought she was looking for the male perspective. C.J.: "Always. I find it raises the level of the discussion." Before the conversation ends, Will offers C.J. one piece of advice: "There's only one thing worse than telling the President of the United States his son-in-law's having an affair. Telling the President of the United States his son-in-law's having an affair and then finding out you were wrong." After hearing those words of wisdom, C.J. leaves his office.

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