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A Day In The Life Of Claudia Jean

Danny is standing…somewhere, in what looks like it might be a crowd of reporters. Actually, there's some lettering on a far wall -- I think he's supposed to be in the offices of something called The Washington Leader. Worst newspaper name ever. His cell phone rings -- it's C.J., calling from her office. She tells him, "I'm concerned with the President, and I don't want to have to walk your dumb-ass gauntlet of journalistic ethics, so I'll make this easy for you." I somehow suspect that with C.J., the easy way isn't much easier than the hard way. She quickly proves me right, telling Danny, "I'm gonna say a sentence, and if it's true, you just don't say anything. Clear?" As mud. Danny wonders if that strategy isn't just a bit risky, seeing as how he's talking on his cell phone and could get cut off at any moment. C.J., who clearly doesn't use Sprint, tells him, "That's not gonna happen." Danny has just walked onto a crowded elevator, and he points that fact out to her. She screams at him, "Well, get off now, mister!" See -- I told you there wasn't much difference between the easy way and the hard way. Danny shoves his way to the front of the elevator, sticks his hand between the doors, and exits. Margaret runs into C.J.'s office to make sure she's okay. C.J., still holding the phone, takes a step towards Margaret to get her out of the office and close the door. As she does so, the base of the phone gets pulled towards her and pushes Gail's fishbowl to the edge of the desk. As C.J. closes the door, Gail's bowl plummets off the desk. C.J. makes a dive and catches it before it hits the floor, with Gail and most of the water still inside. Her shout as she does so brings Margaret running back in. C.J. is kneeling on the ground holding the bowl while Margaret gapes at her and Danny's tinny voice comes out of the telephone handset, saying things like, "Claudia Jean? Are you there?" Margaret picks up on the fact that C.J. wants some privacy. Instead of leaving immediately, however, she makes the odd (even for Margaret) decision to turn her back to C.J. and slowly tells her, "Steve Lawson from Refugee Rights Alliance is out here."

As Margaret leaves, C.J. slowly puts the fishbowl back on the desk and picks up the telephone, telling Danny, "I almost killed my fish?" Danny: "On purpose?" C.J.: "Why would I do that?" Danny points out that she's been under a lot of pressure -- maybe she just snapped and went ichthycidal. Before C.J. can ask her question, Danny interrupts and tells her, "I'll tell you anything you want to know if you'll have dinner with me tomorrow night." Without much hesitation, C.J. agrees. They decide to meet at the same place the last met. C.J. asks Danny, "If I went to the President with the information you brought to my attention, would I be making a mistake?" Danny tells her, "Nope. See you tomorrow night." Wait, I thought if what she said was true he wasn't supposed to say anything? (And lest you think I'm only pretending to be confused, I spent most of the rest of the episode waiting for some twist to occur based on exactly that mix-up.) C.J. is not confused, however. She just sighs, and hangs up the phone.

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