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A Day In The Life Of Claudia Jean

Kate and C.J. pedeconference somewhere in the bowels of the White House. Kate's wondering when they'll hear whether the Chinese are willing to go along with the sanctions on the Sudan. C.J. thinks they'll learn something within a couple of days. Kate's about to walk away when C.J. pulls her aside. Although they're not really in a private spot, C.J. at least pretends she's not on television by furtively looking around to make sure there aren't people within ten feet of them. Of course, the Foley people kind of ruin the effect, because we can hear footsteps all around C.J. and Kate as they speak throughout the rest of the scene. C.J. tells Kate, "I need to tell you something." Kate looks concerned -- or maybe aroused. It's hard to tell with her. C.J. does her best Helen Lovejoy, telling Kate, "Doug Westin had an affair with his nanny." Kate does her best Elaine Benes, responding, "Get. Out." It's not a very good Elaine Benes, however, because she doesn't give C.J. a mighty shove. Kate, maybe looking for a little nanny action herself, asks, "Is she cute?" C.J. wonders why that matters. Kate tells her that her career in the military has given her a deep understanding of the male psyche, and that if the nanny's hot, even the most virtuous man would go for it. C.J. tells Kate that the nanny is 26. Kate decides that means she doesn't need to be cute. They both agree that Doug should die. Kate even offers to arrange to make that happen. But the real reason C.J. is sharing this info with Kate is that she wants advice as to whether she should tell Jed. (Although Kate at first thinks that C.J. wants to know if she should tell Liz. Kate's answer is no: "Now's just the time that everyone looks at her funny until she figures it out." Sisterhood is powerful.) Before Kate can answer C.J.'s question about whether to tell Jed, Margaret appears to tell C.J. that Liz is in her office and wants to speak with her. Kate demonstrates some more of that solidarity when she smiles, tells C.J., "Good luck," and walks away.

C.J. slowly approaches her office, takes a breath, and then gives a very animated and friendly greeting to Liz as she enters the office, closing the door behind her. They make some awkward small talk, and then Liz asks if C.J. has seen Doug. C.J. absentmindedly remarks that she heard Doug was around the previous day. Liz tells C.J. that Doug went to the political affairs office to cancel the joint appearance with the President. Liz asks C.J., "Do you have any idea how long it took me to convince him to let my father help?" C.J. recycles the line about how important it was for Doug to appear to be his own man. Liz thinks Doug can't hide from the fact that Jed is his father-in-law, so he might as well get what advantage he can from it. C.J. points out, "It must be hard to live up to the President." Especially if you're a moron like Doug Westin. Liz thinks nobody can live up to Jed, but tells C.J., "But he is the father of my children, and I want them to be able to look up to him." There's an awkward pause, and Liz continues, "No matter what he's done." Wouldn't it be nice if they could also look up to their mother? Which I'm thinking might be a touch difficult when they realize that she gave up her own ambitions to satisfy her husband's ego and allowed him to walk all over their marriage vows. Liz asks C.J. if she understands what she's saying. C.J. does. Liz asks C.J. to convince Doug to agree to campaign with Jed. C.J. tells Liz, "I know you're trying to do what's best for Doug." Liz interrupts, telling C.J., "It's the best thing for my children." C.J. tells Liz that they've already given the date away, so Jed won't be able to campaign with Doug. Liz considers this, and asks, "So, on his own merits, we let the voters decide?" Ain't democracy grand?

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