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Senator Adair is in the Oval Office, boring Jed with an especially tedious yarn about Jefferson and Adams...told in a very slow and monotonous and repetitive way. Do you know how boring you have to be to lose POTUS? Especially when you're telling him one of his own favourite stories? Jed sneaks a look at his watch. As Adair's about to launch another sentence, he suddenly gets up and walks out, saying he's sorry and he'll be back in a second. Outside, he lambastes Debbie: "You were supposed to interrupt after five minutes." She tells him it's only been three. He heads back to the Oval, saying, "Tell Leo I can't take any more of this." She says there are only a couple more. He sighs as he opens the door.

Quick cut to Josh coming through his office door, and Will incredulously asking about the Democrats actually liking Haffley's list. Josh adds that they're not wild about Berryhill. Josh yells for Donna. Toby says that Tripplehorn thinks it's not a bluff, and that they won't win a battle in the House. Josh points out that Tripplehorn's running for POTUS in three years. He yells again for Donna to get him Leo. Ryan sticks his head in to say that Donna's in the bathroom. Josh says exactly what I expect him to: "She's not allowed to do that. Get me Leo." Swimtern: "Leo McGarry?" No, Leonardo da Vinci, moron. Josh confirms this. C.J. runs in to say that they leaked the Starkey-Russell list. Ryan drifts away, chomping gum. Will asks if that's bad: "It makes Berryhill look even better." Toby announces they can't confirm Berryhill. C.J.: "We can't?" Will says that they're having trouble with the Democrats. C.J.: "Wow. Along with the Republicans, that's kind of everyone." Toby says that they have to move on. Josh: "Move on? We don't move on from our first post-Walken showdown! This is the single most defining decision the President makes!" Toby knows that, and says they have to find someone they'll confirm by tomorrow. C.J. says they had other names. Ryan sticks his doofy head in to ask if anyone knows Mr. McGarry's extension. Ha! Except for the Ha! part. Yeesh.

Charlie knocks on the door to the Oval Office. Jed's on the phone with some governor who likes fishing for catfish (catfishing?), and beckons him in. Charlie asks if Jed has a moment. Jed: "You don't want to be Vice-President, do you?" Hee! That would rock. Okay, maybe not. Charlie: "No, sir." Jed says he can stay. Charlie says that it's about Zoey; she had trouble talking to Will. Jed is surprised to hear it: "She was fearless with the press!" Well, I think you see what you wanna see, Dad. Charlie replies: "Yes, sir. She does that." Oh no, slo-mo horses again. Jed has a flashback to little Zoey on her horse. He tells Charlie, "You've said this before." Charlie's confused. More flashbacks, of Charlie, Jed, and Abby watching Zoey ride at the farm. Flashback Jed says, "Look at that: fearless!" Flashback Charlie says: "She puts up a good front." Flashback Jed asks him to name one thing his little girl's afraid of. Regular Charlie says, "She knows you like to see her strong. She thinks what happened was her fault." More flashing, more horses. Girls falling off horses, the trippy black-and-white footage of Zoey's eyes from "Commencement," more slo-mo hooves. The clock in Jed's office that gets louder only when things are more dramatic or serious ticks away. Regular Jed's all bummed now, and Regular Charlie says, "I'm sorry, sir, if I..." Jed says: "Her mother wants to take her back to New Hampshire for a while. What do you think?" Charlie: "I think her mom is right."

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