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Josh is in his office working when Amy comes in to be a pain in the ass. She's blathering a mile a minute about Dooley and anthrax and smallpox and domestic violence, concluding, "If women and children aren't safe in their own homes, who needs national security?" Josh begs her to gotta stop talking: "You're a machine, my head's going to explode." Here are the words you're looking for: Shut the fuck up. Amy whines, and Josh tells her he's got bigger problems: he can't confirm the one guy the President wants for VPOTUS, and he wants Amy to be quiet for a moment. He's clearly distraught over what he perceives as really failing the President. Amy blithely apologizes and says that Berryhill's perfect. Josh snaps: "I mean it, one minute! Silence...can you manage that?" She starts to sputter an objection, and Josh interjects, "You can't do it, can you?" He gets up from his desk. Amy: "Ye--" Josh: "See?" He walks over to his bulletin board, where he's been playing Pin the Tail on the Vice-President. We get a shot of Amy's hand pulling up the sleeve on her other arm to look at her watch. Then the camera drifts down to her feet, and we see her slip them out of her shoes. She sits on something next to Josh's desk and puts her toes, with her red-painted toenails, up on Josh's desk. He looks over at this, and chuckles to himself. Frink and I are just looking at each other with "The hell...?" expressions on our faces. Mind you, he missed the entire third season after "Gone Quiet," so he knows zip about the joy they brought so many of us in days of yore. Josh walks over to Amy and takes her watch out of her hands. The camera's on Amy's face, next to Josh's back. She looks at him with what I would call trepidation, and then after a moment of the two of them gazing at each other, Josh decides to kiss her. They suck face for about eleven seconds (yes, I timed it), and then Amy puts her shoes back on (which we get another close-up of) and leaves without a word. And there's Josh thinking: Can open. Worms everywhere. And here's me, who already lived through their juvenile, insecure antics once: see this? This is my over-the-moon face.

Zoey's in the Residence packing her bag, complaining to Jed that he and Abby ganged up on her and are making her go to the farm. She doesn't seem really furious, just disappointed and slightly pissed. He hands her clothing as she packs one-armed. Jed says, "Your mother and I are a united front, so don't even bother." Abby looks like she could have a lot to say about that, but decides against it. Jed tries to convince her it will be fun and that he'll be up as soon as he can: "There's only one thing you have to do for me: give yourself time. Don't try to rush this." Abby wanders out. Zoey stops packing for a moment, and tells him, "There was an arm...grabbing me..." Jed looks down; he doesn't seem at all ready to hear any of the ugly details. It seems like the worst thing he can stand to picture is Zoey falling off her horse. She continues: "When I start to fall asleep...it comes back." Jed says, "We're going to help you. We're all going to help." It sounds hollow, somehow, though I know he means it. I'm just not sure he believes it. He doesn't look at her, nor does she look at him. They resume packing. Elisabeth Moss has been quite good in this episode.

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