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As Josh walks out of his office, Amy's coming through, and asks, "Hey, Spanky, when was the last time you got a look at the CDC budget breakdown?" Josh admits that everything before last Saturday is kind of fuzzy. Amy complains about a budget cut to the Division of Violence Prevention. Josh asks if FLOTUS is pissed. Amy says that Abby's attention is elsewhere. Josh thinks it's probably just as well. Amy disagrees. Josh thinks Abby'd just get worked out without being able to do a lot about it. Amy thinks she could do plenty. Josh: "Then it's a damn shame." Amy: "There's a future for you in motivational speaking." Josh tells Amy to take it to Abby, but Amy says Abby's not in the office for a while. As she reaches a door, Josh tells her to let it go and that she's going to have to "breathe through it for a while." Amy: "Not my forte -- waiting." Josh: "You have other fortes." Amy: "What's that supposed to mean?" Urgh. Josh: "Nothing. I didn't mean that." Amy: "You absolutely meant that." I bark at her: "Move your bloody mouth!" Frink tells me to take it easy. Josh: "Okay, maybe I did." Amy warns him, "Careful what you start," and saunters off. Wise, wise advice that Josh seems determined to ignore. And there it is, the blossoming of Josh and Amy II: Non-Electric Blecch-Eww (tm maki).

On a monitor broadcasting C.J.'s briefing, Katie is asking whether the most practical reason for not assassinating foreign leaders is the fear of retaliation against government officials and their families. C.J. says that Shareef wasn't targeted as a foreign leader, but as a terrorist who was going to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge. She says that Zoey will be coming down soon, and the reporters will want to get into position, and she reminds them that Zoey's been through a horrible ordeal and she's not taking questions: "So if you could show some basic, human -- you know, I almost said 'decency,' but I'm back."

The camera drifts over to the Oval Office, where Bartlet's asking, "What's next?" He's meeting with Leo and some military bigwigs about national security issues. Some guy loaded with hardware says, "Norfolk is remaining at THREATCON 5." That must be difficult, since there's no such thing. Ach, why do I bother? He continues, "The training manuals confiscated in Portland included blueprints for a Radiological Dispersion Device, and the guys we detained in Tanzania yesterday were packing botulinum toxin and cyanide." Jed: "But we can go ahead and light some sparklers in our own back yard..." Ron Butterfield (who, I must remind you, is the magic) says that there will be an extra two thousand officers out. Airspace is being monitored by the Air Force, and a no-boating zone on the Potomac is being enforced. Aw, there go Gatsby's sailing plans. Not that I know if people can or do sail on the Potomac. It's a river, so, probably not. I dunno. Nor do I care. Please don't email me everything you know about the Potomac River. Bartlet: "An invitation to party if I ever heard one." Leo says that very few local events have been affected. They go over some things that were cancelled, one of which is that an "overflow group" of immigrants taking their citizenship oaths lost their venue because the VFW hall they were going to use had a bomb scare. Bartlet thanks them all.

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