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I'm starting to really get behind the idea of a divorce -- or at least a separation. I don't think that's ever happened in the history of the American Presidency, has it? If I were Abby, I would have had way more than enough. Though she's been quite successful, she has still to some degree sacrificed her own career over the years, to the demands of being a political wife. She never wanted him to run for this second term, and wasn't really consulted about it, either. She protected his secret about the MS and lost her license for it (as she should have for treating him and prescribing for him, but he never should have expected her to keep that secret). Now she learns he's ordered an assassination, which she must see as a very serious sin from her religious point of view. Even if she didn't, it's probably something of a blow to her perception of his morals and values. She almost lost one of her children, and that child has been through a horrific ordeal. And they're all still at risk, really. It's all just too much. It's over the line. And I'm not saying it's Jed's fault that Zoey was abducted: that responsibility lies solely with the abductors (and French Toasted, who's an accessory). I'm saying there are a lot of problems with their relationship, with their communication styles, with Jed's lack of respect for Abby and her concerns, and with their approach to resolving conflict.

Roosevelt Room. Flashcard time, kiddies: This time we're meeting with the Democratic Leadership. Big words! Sound them out: Dem-o-cra-tic. Lea-der-ship. Who the hell thought we needed these title cards to spell this out for us? If they think we're that dumb, why not make them all wear black and white cowboy hats or something? Hey, it's that guy I thought looked like the ex-husband from Grace Under Fire; that is, in fact, who it is: Geoffrey Pierson. Tripplehorn! That's the guy's name. I do bear a brain. Turns out the Democrats don't want Berryhill either: too aloof, too dictatorial, not enough of a team player. Josh thinks Haffley's list is amateur hour, but Tripplehorn thinks there are some decent names on that list. The woman beside Tripplehorn -- somebody named Fields -- says that if the White House insists on Berryhill, the Democrats will go to the mat: "But it'll only prove how impotent you've made us." Toby asks, "How's that?" She says that they knighted Haffley when they moved Walken out: "Haffley's not bluffing. Haffley doesn't bluff." Josh says they should fight for Berryhill; they only need four votes. Fields says they won't get them.

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