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Cut to the Santos motorcade. It's considerably less impressive than the Russell motorcade, consisting of a beat-up RV and an SUV (and it's possible that the SUV is just stuck behind them). In the RV, Josh is telling Santos that he's gotten an invitation for Santos to go pheasant hunting with a local politician. The point of this is just to remind us that Santos was in the Marines, and that he knows how to shoot. Santos changes the subject, telling Josh, "You know, Helen's not wrong about ethanol." Hallelujah! Mrs. Santos has a name! And an easy-to-type name at that. You can't see me, but I'm dancing right now. Anyway, Santos talks about why ethanol is bad, and it sounds like this: "Blah blah blah." Josh thinks that after pissing off New Hampshire voters, they can't afford to do the same in Iowa: "What is this, the Insult and Injury Tour?" Santos continues talking about ethanol and farm subsidies: "Blah blah blah." By the way, the light? It is still blue.

Everyone exits the RV in the parking lot of some building or other. It's raining out. Santos is still going on about ethanol: "Blah blah blah." And Josh is still telling him that there's no way he can change the speech. Santos does interrupt himself long enough to greet a voter.

They're at the diner that has the coffee bean caucus. A close-up of several jars shows us that Hoynes has about twice as many beans in his jar as Russell, and Santos does have perhaps seven beans in his. None of the jars is especially full. Josh picks up the jar to count the beans, and Ned suggests that they should find some hungrier volunteers. Santos is speaking to voters in the background, and Josh asks Ned if he's talking about ethanol. It turns out that he's talking about the U.S. letting foreign nationals serve in the military without allowing them to become citizens.

The campaign crew exits the diner, and Santos is still talking about the same thing. At least it's not ethanol. Basically, his position is that if a foreign national signs up to serve in the military, he or she should be allowed to become a U.S. citizen immediately. Which is a fine position. But since there's nobody arguing the other side, it's just boring. Much like the ethanol discussion. In any case, Josh's response to Santos on the citizenship issue is much like his response on ethanol -- he doesn't care about the substance, he just thinks it's bad politics: "You're Hispanic. You start talking immigration reform, people are gonna think you wanna throw open the borders." And then they go back to discussing ethanol: "Blah blah blah."

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