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They're walking down the long white corridor towards the stage. At least, I think it's white. I can't really make out any color besides blue in the shot. Santos reads another line from the speech, and Josh tells him that they get it out of the way in four lines at the beginning of the speech: "Think of it as a quick trip to the dentist." Santos tells Josh, "I'm a pretty good flosser." So, does that mean all his trips to the dentist are quick? Or does he not go to the dentist? I'm confused. They run into Helen, and Santos greets her with a quick kiss. All of a sudden, Santos tells Josh, "All right, you know what? I'm not gonna do this, any of it. I'm gonna go in there and tell those people the truth." They're walking through the farm equipment exhibition hall, and Santos tells Josh that he really wants to reform the system instead of giving subsidies to major agribusinesses. Josh tells him that speaking out against ethanol in Iowa will kill his campaign: "Bambi'd have a better shot getting elected president of the NRA than you will have of getting a single vote in this caucus." I would think that if Bambi wanted to be the president of the NRA, they would welcome him, just for the PR value. Helen speaks up and tells Josh to let Santos say what he wants to say.

By now, they're next to the stage. Santos accuses Josh of wanting Santos to pander so that he can get a few votes in a caucus he can't possibly win. Josh responds, "I want you to support a policy that helps a lot of people so that a year form now when you are sworn in as President, you can make the changes we both know need to be made." Santos looks at Josh, and then at Helen, says that he's ready, and starts to walk toward the stage. Josh calls after him: "Matt. Take the pledge." With that, Santos is introduced and walks on stage.

Helen and Josh watch from the wings as Santos delivers his speech. He thanks them for the welcome (which is fairly warm, I have to say), and looks at the teleprompter. The pro-ethanol language is on the screen, and Santos freezes. There's a close-up of his face as he swallows, and then the camera drops to his hand -- whether to show that it is shaking a bit (which it may have been, although it's hard to tell with the shaky camera work this episode), or to focus on his wedding ring, I couldn't say. Santos says, "Ethanol...is good for economy and good for the environment." Josh pumps his fist, and Santos continues with the speech. Helen is pissed, and she slowly walks away from Josh. Commercials.

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