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Vinick and Santos both sit down (with Ronna still at the booth), and start chatting. Vinick tells Santos that Hoynes and Russell have both already attacked him on ethanol, and Santos says that he doesn't plan to get involved. And then Vinick starts criticizing some of the details of Santos's education plan, describing the mandatory 240-day school year as a "big Washington power grab." The details of this conversation are unimportant (and boring); the important thing is that it demonstrates that Vinick and Santos can disagree about policy while still obviously liking each other. The tone shifts a bit when Santos asks when Vinick is heading back to New Hampshire. Vinick is heading back tomorrow: "What with my ethanol tantrum, I suspect my work here is done." Vinick sarcastically mentions that his staff is "very proud." Santos responds, "Well, if they weren't, I was." And then he looks ashamed when Vinick asks what he did, and he has to admit that he took the pledge.

Josh walks up to Jill and Mr. James and tells them that the kitchen was closed, but that they agreed to make some eggs. Josh sits down with them and wonders what Santos and Vinick are talking about. Jill tells him, "If your day's been anything like ours, I'd keep away the sharp cutlery." Josh tells them the ethanol speech was a bold move, and Jill gives him a look and tells him that it was entirely Vinick's idea. Josh thinks that they'll suffer in Iowa but pick up a lot of positive attention in the national press. They ask what Santos did, and Josh tells them that he took the pledge: "The Republican field's wide open. We're just trying to find a way to stay in the game." They watch Santos and Vinick chat for a few seconds, and then the Ryan Adams song "Desire" starts playing, launching us into a musical montage.

Will and Donna chat near the elevator. Donna gets on, while Will walks down the hall to an ice cream vending machine. He puts his money in and pushes a couple of buttons, and then this funky vacuum arm sucks up an ice cream sandwich and moves it toward the drop chute. Will stops reading the papers in his hand and stares at the sandwich while the camera focuses in on the Nestlé Carnation logo on the wrapper. Ryan Adams sings "Desire, desire, desire" in the background. So, Will desires an ice cream sandwich? Then it's a good thing this ice cream vending machine was nearby. People in the forums have wondered what the ice cream sandwich "means." My personal theory? The fact that NBC sold out to Nestlé on the product placement is a symbol for the fact that Will sold out to Bingo Bob. It's a meta-metaphor.

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