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King Cornhole

Santos enters his hotel room and sits down on a chair next to the bed while Ryan Adams sings about "speeding with no direction." Santos takes a breath and then looks over at the bed, where Helen is sleeping with at least one of the kids in the bed. She slowly opens one eye and looks at him, and they exchange small smiles. "Desire, desire, desire."

Vinick is back in his hotel room, getting ready for bed. On the TV, some bald guy with a beard is giving a briefing from the White House on U.S. troop levels on the West Bank. He looks vaguely familiar. Vinick turns off the TV and sits down on his bed. He looks at a photo of himself with a woman of about his age. Mrs. Vinick, I presume? (Sorry, no lyrics here. We're on an instrumental break.)

Donna is in her hotel room, preparing the coffee maker for the next day. "You know me, you know my ways." The shakycam is back, as is the blue light. Donna goes to her door to retrieve that day's manila envelope. Josh is walking down the hall -- she does not see him, but he notices her. "You just can't show me, but God I'm prayin'." She closes the door to her room, and the light from the peephole is shining on her eye in the otherwise dark room. "That you'll find me, and you'll see me." She sees Josh at the door of his own room across the hall and just watches him for a second. "And you'll run, and never tire." He pauses, as though he's thinking of knocking on her door. She walks away from the peephole, and he opens his own door and walks in. "Desire, desire, desire." The camera retreats down the hallway, and...fade to black.

Except the episode's not over. A phone rings, and a hand shoots out from under a pillow. It's Josh, getting his 5:45 wakeup call. This time, it's really over.

There's no new episode this week -- instead, you can enjoy the real State of the Union. (And by "enjoy," I mean "get drunk during.") And then for the two episodes after that, the talented and immensely funny Potes will be filling in for me while I move into my new condo. Enjoy!

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