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Josh enters his dark room, throws his bags on the floor, and sits down on the bed. He runs his hands vigorously back and forth through his hair, and then smoothes it all down again. For just a second, he stares off into space.

Josh walks back into the Blue Lagoon and takes the two steps across the corridor to Donna's door. You can barely hear Johnny Cash singing about the green hills of home over the PA system. When Josh gets to Donna's door, he doesn't knock. Instead, he just rests his hand on the doorframe, and then seems to think better of the whole idea. He crosses back to his own door and tries a couple of times to get it to unlock by sticking his key card in and pulling it out very quickly. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, he does it Donna's way, putting the card in slowly, and the door unlocks for him. He enters the room, and as his door shuts, we see his hand reach out from inside and hang the "do not disturb" sign on the doorknob.

Credits, now with both Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits. Enjoy these shots of the White House, because they're the closest this episode is getting to the actual West Wing or the people who work there.

We see a mess of blonde hair on a pillow. A phone next to the bed rings, and Donna (she of the blonde hair) reaches out to answer the phone. After a couple of seconds, we hear an automated voice telling her that it's 5:45. Donna sits up, turns on a lamp (a lamp that uses an energy-efficient fluorescent bulb), and puts on a sweater. A subtitle tells us that it's "Wednesday 5:46 AM." Donna turns the television on to CNN, and the newscaster starts talking about a woman in Turkey who was apparently convicted of adultery and condemned to death after having sex with a co-worker. At this point, the main thing wrong with that little sub-subplot is that Turkey abolished the death penalty a long time ago. Because they're more civilized than we are. And now we get to see Donna go through her morning routine, which apparently consists primarily of brushing her teeth before drinking her coffee. Nasty. It's also notable that Donna had the foresight to set up her coffee maker the night before, so that all she had to do to make the coffee was turn the machine on. That way she can ruin the coffee with the taste of toothpaste and stain her teeth much more efficiently. The pervs in the audience are probably interested in hearing that Donna sleeps in a t-shirt and boxer shorts. Newsguy tells us that the Bartlet administration is saddened by Turkey's decision to go ahead with the execution, but that it remains committed to strengthening ties with Turkey. I'm not sure who this Bartlet guy is. Does he have something to do with this show?

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