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Lunatic Fringe World Tour. Donna is standing in a muddy barnyard as a farmer carries a bucket of slop toward her. It's actually just a bucket. I'm assuming it's slop because the show wants us to believe that all of these fringe candidates are disgusting hicks. Donna verifies that his positions include paying the President and all members of Congress a salary of $1 per year; banning motorcycle helmets and color television; dropping out of the U.N.; doing away with Medicare; and privatizing Social Security. At least if he banned color television, I wouldn't have to recap a show where every scene is drowning in blue. The farmer tells Donna, "We gotta get the government out of our damn pockets!" She walks after him and asks if he's sure he's a Democrat.

Bob's motorcade pulls up to what almost looks like a stadium. The subtitles tell us that it's the Jefferson Cattle Barn in Council Bluffs, Iowa. As Bob and Will exit the bus, Will is talking about preparing for the debate on race that is coming up.

In a hallway inside the Cattle Barn, Russell is complaining that "Atkins and Santos get to stand up there, holier-than-thou and rail against racial injustice while the rest of us loiter around looking like those two albino twins from The Matrix." As the group proceeds down the hall, Will tells Bob that Donna Moss is there and that she just returned from a fundraising trip to South Carolina. Bob is all smarm as he thanks Donna for her work in Carolina. She leans in towards Will as they walk along and tells him that they can't put the fringe candidates on stage with real candidates. By this time, the group is walking through what appears to be a farm equipment exhibition hall. Donna gives what I suppose are humorous descriptions of some of the nuts she met, but I can barely make out half the words. Someone hands Will a note, and he steps up and tells Russell that there was a major chemical spill and fire in Baton Rouge. Apparently, it leveled two city blocks, and an area of twenty square miles is being evacuated. Bob actually looks shaken by this news, but only briefly, and then he pulls himself together to give his speech. Will asks him if they're okay on the ethanol question, and Bob tells him not to fear: "I'm not suicidal. I'm gonna take the pledge." Bob is introduced, and he takes the stage.

Bob walks on the stage, which is decorated with some red-white-and-blue bunting and some bales of hay. In the wings, Donna is again telling Will that they can't give any exposure to the nutcases she met that day. On stage, Bob is starting his speech: "I'm not just saying this because I'm in Iowa. I say this everywhere I go. We need more ethanol production." Commercials.

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