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Dark screen. We hear a phone ringing. The picture comes up, and we are looking down on what looks like an empty bed. But then the pillow moves, and a hand emerges from underneath it to answer the phone. The pillow is pushed aside, and we can see Josh as he gets his own 5:45 AM wakeup call. Only half-awake, he thanks the automated voice before hanging up. By the way, there's already a fair amount of light coming in through the window. I just want to remind the producers that it's not that difficult to do a tiny bit of research and determine that in January in Iowa, the sun is rising at around 7:30 AM. Josh sits up in his bed, and the subtitles tell us that it is "Wednesday, 5:46 AM." Hmmm, so a week must have passed.

Josh turns on the television to CNN, where the newsguy is still talking about the woman in Turkey. So does that mean there was another woman, or are they still talking about the story a week later. Or...oh, my God, this must be it -- it's the same day again! What a revolutionary story-telling technique! What geniuses they all are. And to think, I never would have figured it out without that subtitle. We watch Josh go through his own morning routine. As you might predict, his is a bit more chaotic than Donna's. For example, while she had her socks on in bed, he has bare feet, and freaks out when his toes hit the cold bathroom floor. He has also not prepared his coffee maker, and he is very impressed with himself when he successfully throws the empty package of coffee grounds into the trashcan. They also show us Josh's pee face, which I did not need to see. (They did at least spare us the sound of the pee. Thank heaven for small favors.) The other pervs in the audience might be interested to hear that Josh also sleeps in a t-shirt and boxer shorts. (I believe in satisfying the pervs on an equal opportunity basis.) Josh putters around on his laptop while the coffee brews. Unsurprisingly, he has messed it up somehow, because the carafe is overflowing and there is coffee running down the bathroom counter.

Santos family suite. Mrs. Santos hands bowls of cereal to two kids who are sitting in bed watching cartoons on television. The little girl has an enormous smile on her face. Either Santos has a special-needs kid, or this little actor needs much better direction, because no kid should be that happy to be watching a cartoon at six o'clock in the morning. Mrs. Santos tells the two of them that she'll be right next door if they need her. And then she walks through the door to an adjoining room, in which the campaign staff is planning the day.

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