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C.J. Kicks Some Ass Into Orbit

C.J. enters Charlie's and Debbie's office, telling Charlie that she needs a minute with Jed. He once again tries to tell her that she has her own door, but she ignores him. Charlie tells her that Jed is meeting with the Secretary of Defense. C.J. is surprised, since Hutchinson did not have a meeting scheduled with Jed. Charlie tells her that he walked Jed back from the Cabinet meeting. (Which C.J. apparently attended but got pulled out of.) She repeats that he did not have a meeting scheduled, and Charlie tells her, "I thought about taking him down, but it seemed excessive." C.J. calls Margaret on the phone and asks her, "Did the Secretary of Defense call for me?" After a second, she turns away from Charlie and quietly says, "It's C.J." Margaret tells her that Hutchinson did not call her, and C.J. tells Charlie to interrupt the meeting and get Hutchinson out of the Office of O. C.J. then walks down the hall, turns around, and casually saunters past the President's office just in time to catch Hutchinson as he is leaving. She tells him that she knows the President got called away before their meeting was over, and asks him if there's anything she can do for him. He tells her that they were just discussing the Georgian situation, and that he'll see her at the upcoming meeting.

Josh walks up to Toby as he pulls his lunch out of a delivery box and asks him why Santos is not running for reelection. Toby responds with a high-falutin' rhetorical question about why anyone runs for office, eventually asking what makes a man abjure "the decadence, really, of simple bread-winning for the Athenian wrestling mat that is the forum politic." You know, if politics really did feature an Athenian wrestling mat, and if more politicians looked like Jimmy Smits, I can guarantee you that C-SPAN would get much higher ratings. Just then, Will walks up, and Josh asks him the same question. Toby says that it's because he's a tool -- Toby seems unhappy that Santos is leaving just as they got him on Ways and Means. Will thinks he might be planning to run for Governor of Texas so that he can eventually stage a run for the White House. Toby seems quite upset at the idea that Santos might run for President. Josh gives Will a list of the nineteen congressional races for which DCCC wants assistance, and tells him, "Yours are the ones with the stars." Will reminds Josh that Bingo Bob will be doing his own fundraising, so he might not be able to help in all of these races.

C.J.'s office, where C.J. is still working off a table and not her desk. Margaret is telling her that she has to review a three-hundred-page study on snowmobiles so that she can brief the President in time for his meeting with Interior tomorrow. C.J. starts asking more questions, and Margaret abruptly stands up and says, "We've now talked through the snowmobile window. You have to leave." It's time for the meeting on the Georgian uranium situation, and C.J. starts asking Margaret for some of the documents she wanted for the meeting. As she talks, Margaret tells her, "You really have to start walking now."

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