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C.J. Kicks Some Ass Into Orbit

Margaret and C.J. run down some stairs and down a hallway while Margaret gives C.J. some information on the disease outbreak in Ecuador. Apparently, WHO is asking for $18 million in emergency aid and calling it a global health alert. By this point, they've arrived at a door. Margaret punches some numbers into a keypad, and as C.J. continues to talk about WHO and HHS, Margaret grabs her hand and presses her palm against a plate on the wall. Margaret runs off just before a Marine opens the door to the Sit Room.

C.J. enters the Sit Room and seems quite unsure of herself. She sits at the big table, where a variety of men (and Nancy) have already started talking. The dialogue flies fast and furious, but is mostly irrelevant. The gist is that none of the men at the table is interested in talking about how it will be possible to remove the uranium from Georgia; instead, they only seem to want to talk about the various expenses and obstacles to doing anything about it. C.J. eventually asks, "Are we considering leaving a stash of uranium unprotected because we can't scrape up $25 million?" When C.J. suggests that they try to work with the Russians to safeguard the material, Hutchinson says, "The President isn't interested in bringing this to the Russians." C.J. looks a bit flabbergasted at that statement. When someone else asks if they've performed an independent analysis of the material, C.J. seems at a loss, and Nancy jumps in to remind everyone that "this just walked in the door." Hutchinson goes on to ask the Secretary of Energy to get Jed a report on domestic storage capacity. When C.J. starts to say that they are not at the point, Hutchinson says that Jed asked him for it. And then Hutchinson adjourns the meeting. C.J. looks like she's been sucker-punched, and Nancy is looking at her with some concern. C.J. returns to her office, where she throws a promo-friendly miniature tantrum and shoves some papers off her table. Although I have to say, it looked to me less like she was angry and more like she had taken lessons at the Elaine Benes School of Dance. Commercials.

C.J. walks into the Sort of Elliptical Office to speak with the President about the meeting. He starts asking her for the information on the domestic storage capacity, and she tells him that she has it, but that she wanted to look it over before he saw it. She tells him that they should consider cooperating with the Russians, and he tells her that Hutchinson doesn't want to work with the Russians, and that Hutchinson said it may not even be uranium. C.J. tells Jed that they are working on getting it tested. She starts to speak with him about his meeting with Hutchinson, but Jed tells her that it ended prematurely because Charlie rushed him out to a non-existent meeting. He implies that this was some sort of scheduling snafu that she caused, and tells her that he wants to be sure nothing falls through the cracks. She gives up trying to speak to him and leaves the office.

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