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Roosevelt Room. C.J. has pulled together Josh, Will, and several other unnamed policy wonks. (But no Ed and Larry.) Again, I can't resist pointing out that Will doesn't work for C.J. But I guess he's also the Chief Resident in the Radiology Department, which makes him an expert on uranium. Or whatever. Will asks where Toby is, and Josh just sputters, unable to answer. C.J. hands out information to her wonks and tells them that the Secretaries are all trying to find a way to prevent the extraction from happening: "They're the no team. You're the yes team." She tells them that she wants a viable plan for funding the extraction: "Resist the temptation to rely on the emergency non-proliferation fund. Apparently, we've already spent it."

Donna and Toby are back in the briefing room. Donna tells Toby, "I'm just saying, you knew these four were underqualified when you called them in." Toby: "He mispronounced 'New York.'" How can you do that? Did he get nervous and confuse it with Newark? I know it's supposed to indicate how profoundly stupid this guy was, but it just seems implausible. Of course, I never understood how people could confuse Providence and Provincetown, or Rhode Island and Long Island, but both of those happen a lot. Hmmm, maybe it's just that nobody knows that Rhode Island exists.

Just then, Kristin Chenoweth comes in. I know some people find her annoying -- she's short and super-perky and has that very high voice -- but I've always liked her. Donna calls her "Annabeth Scott," and Kristin corrects her -- it's Schott: "Bang, bang." When they tell her to get behind the podium, she says, "Up there? Oh, I'm not going up there. Why would I do that?" Donna tells her that it's a big part of the job, and she asks, "For a deputy?" Annabeth asks Donna if she's "the gal" she spoke with, when Toby stands up and asks her to leave, saying, "We're gonna move on to somebody who has a clearer idea of the position." It suddenly hits Annabeth that they are hiring a Press Secretary. Toby points out that C.J.'s promotion has been pretty big news, and suggests that Annabeth go home and catch up on it. Annabeth: "I've seen the news. The President is fixing to send C.J. Cregg to Ramallah to swat at suicide bombers with her purse. That's gotta be some purse." ["That's it: starting with the name and going through...everything else about her, this character is a giant shout-out to our own AB Chao." -- Wing Chun] She gives Toby a big smile, and immediately drops it when she sees the look on his face. Toby: "I never said 'fixing.'" Annabeth wonders why they're looking for a new Press Secretary so soon, and tells them that she applied for a position as Deputy Press Secretary for Media Relations, a position that opened up six months ago. She tells them that they should not hire a new Press Secretary yet, and in response to Toby's question about who will brief the press, says, "You. You need someone from inside the administration to get you through this transition period." Toby laughs, and she tells him that he just needs a little coaching, which she can provide. She also offers to perform the search for a new Press Secretary: "A real search, not some twenty-four emergency rescue mission." She asks them to name the administration's most vocal and effective critic. Donna gives a name, and Annabeth says, "When I found him, he was a bartender with half a novel. He had what you have." Toby: "What's that?" Annabeth: "A watchable quality." So does a sixteen-car pile-up, but you wouldn't necessarily want it to be your spokesperson.

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