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C.J. Kicks Some Ass Into Orbit

C.J. walks into Debbie's and Charlie's office and tells Charlie that she needs to see Jed. Charlie gets a look on his face, takes her by the arm, and marches her back to Margaret's office. Once there, he opens a door that leads to a passage and knocks on the door at the other end. Jed calls out, "Come in," and Charlie opens the door for C.J. to walk through. You know, this places the Chief of Staff's office to the right of the Oval Office (as you face them from the hallway), but I would swear that there have been several occasions when folks walked out of Leo's office and turned to the other direction when they went to see Jed. And have we ever seen Leo use that door? Jed asks C.J. how she's doing, and she says, "Dab-fan-tastic." She asks him if he has the report on domestic storage capacity, and when he says he does, she tells him she wants it back. She thinks that it's premature for him to have any information until they have fully evaluated the situation and she has presented him with some options: "If you need something to read, I recommend the new Benjamin Franklin bio. It's a real page-turner." With that, she takes the report out of his hands and walks back through her door. Debbie walks up to Jed and asks him what just happened. Jed: "I just got spanked." Debbie: "Sorry I missed it. She still nervous?" Jed: "I don't think so, no."

Margaret tells C.J. that the various honchos are in her office. C.J. starts to walk in, and then turns back to Margaret: "You're an odd woman, and I've never quite understood you, but you are extremely capable and you run this office like a Swiss watch, and you're tall, which is reassuring. Leo may need you, and if he does, that's okay, but if he's willing to part with you, I hope you'll stay."

C.J. walks into her office and thanks everyone there for coming. Someone says that he'd rather meet with the President to discuss the issue, and she tells them all that any recommendations to Jed will flow through her office. Hutchinson goes on at some length about the fact that he thinks the only option is to secure the material where it is. C.J. tries several times to interrupt him by saying "Mr. Secretary," but it has no effect and she finally barks out, "Miles!" He stops, and she tells him that she knows that the Defense Department is already strapped due to the peacekeeping mission, and that they will find the money elsewhere, although the military will still need to carry out much of the actual work of the extraction. And then she starts to run the meeting. And for the first time in the episode, she sits in the chair behind her own desk.

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