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C.J. Kicks Some Ass Into Orbit

Josh tells Toby that C.J. wants them upstairs. As they walk down the hall, he tells Toby about his new boyfriend...I mean, "about his meeting with Matt Santos." His new boyfriend. Toby asks him if Santos is going to keep his seat, and Josh says, "No, he's screwing us." Toby asks Josh if that's his idea of a good meeting. Yes, but that's because Santos is his new boyfriend. (Can I stress this enough? Josh is in loooooove.)

Josh and Toby enter a large room. I mean, very large, like the kind of place a formal dinner might be held. In one corner, there is a table set up with some snacks and beer. Donna tells them that C.J. wanted to be there, but that she got pulled into a meeting. She did leave a note for them, though. It reads: "J and T. Nothing without you." Just then, Will walks up and asks who is responsible for the snacks. Josh tells him, "The boss." So I guess Will thinks that Bingo Bob arranged the food. Or the Chief of Emergency Medicine. Because those are the only two people Will might actually consider to be "the boss."

C.J. walks into the Office of O (through her private door, natch), and Jed asks how the tiger team went. She tells him, "We took a vote and elected not to call it a tiger team." But beyond that, they figured out the funding issues. There are still concerns about the fallout from bringing foreign nuclear material into the U.S., not to mention the need for an environmental impact study, which could take over a year. To resolve that, they are going to ask the British if they can help by actually taking the material. C.J. tells Jed that she will arrange a call with the Prime Minister to discuss it. As she turns to leave, Jed says, "C.J., you're Chief of Staff. You can make the call." And she goes back into her office and moves Gail from the coffee table to her desk. She calls out to Margaret and asks her to set up a call for the next morning to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Margaret: "Sure. Who's going to be on the call?" C.J.: "Me." And then she turns to another stack of papers on her desk.

The episode gets an A, but Deborah Cahn gets an A+. Don't go away, Deborah.

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