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C.J. Kicks Some Ass Into Orbit

Briefing room. We see a reporter asking about NATO resistance to providing troops for peacekeeping. (I thought they already had the support of every NATO member country?) Cut to the podium, which is...empty? Ah, Toby dropped his papers and bent down to pick them up. So there's still some residual slapstick from last week. Toby stands up and haltingly tells the press corps that Jed will be speaking with the Secretary-General of NATO that afternoon. As various reporters start to press him, Toby falls back to telling them that he is not commenting. At the end, we hear someone ask, "Can you point us to a subject you're commenting on?"

Cut to Margaret's office, where she is watching Toby on a monitor. C.J. walks in looking for a DoD analysis, just in time to see Toby being asked about C.J.'s ability to fill Leo's shoes. Reporters are pressing Toby on C.J.'s lack of foreign policy experience, and he is becoming both flustered and hostile. He eventually points out that the U.S. is about to become involved in a very complicated situation in the Middle East, and that "C.J. Cregg's not the only one working without a net." Margaret stands up with a terrified look on her face as C.J. just starts muttering, "Oh, oh, no, no." We see that Josh is also watching on a monitor. Toby keeps digging himself in deeper, and eventually tells the press that in the event the various foreign policy professionals fail at their jobs, "the President can always send C.J. Cregg to Ramallah to swat at suicide bombers with her purse." Josh takes off running at top speed (but with very tiny steps, as one runs when one is trying to maintain some dignity), and we hear C.J. screaming to Margaret, "My purse? Page Carol and get him the hell out of there." Just as a reporter is reading Toby's quote about the purse back to him, Jed walks up behind Debbie and Charlie, who have been watching the entire thing on their own monitor.

Josh finishes his run by sliding down the hallway just outside the briefing room. Carol is leading Toby out of the briefing room and telling him that he won't have to brief anymore: "You're better with the written material. We can flood 'em with press releases." As Carol walks away, Josh casually walks up to Toby: "How'd it go?" Toby: "Fine." Josh: "I missed it." Josh tells Toby that he's thinking about the substance-abuse initiative, and he wonders if they shouldn't just "send C.J. to Compton, have her swat at drug lords with her purse." By this time, they've arrived at Margaret's desk. Toby blames his gaffe on the press, accusing them of ambushing him. Will walks up and asks them how things are going. He tells them that he received a call from someone at the Policy Institute who wondered if either Toby or Josh were interested in a new position. Apparently, they've both started receiving calls from headhunters. In response to Will's question about how C.J. is doing, Josh says that she's a pro. Will: "Like a ninja with a Prada clutch." See, Deborah Cahn can even write jokes for Will that make sense. Margaret tells them that C.J. is ready, and they all file into her office.

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