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C.J. Kicks Some Ass Into Orbit

C.J.'s office. She still seems to be sitting at a table, not her desk. Margaret hands her some papers, and then says, "That was something, everyone pretending to resign." But then Margaret tells C.J. that she is actually leaving, to go work for Leo in whatever he does next. And then Margaret tells her that an envoy from the Republic of Georgia is waiting in the Roosevelt Room.

C.J. enters the Roosevelt Room, where a small bald man is waiting for her. I mean, he might be average size, but since we only ever see him near C.J., it's really hard to judge. He stands up to greet her and shake her hand, and we see that he has an aluminum briefcase handcuffed to his right hand. He tells her, in his comical accent, that he is there to see Leo. He has a wooden box in his left hand, and he tells her it is a gift for Leo -- some kind of Georgian alcohol made from his own vines. He tells C.J. that he is a former economic adviser to the President of Georgia, and then asks her if she would like to taste the alcohol. She tells him that it's too early, and then gets a little look on her face. When I first saw this scene, I thought she was contemplating the idea of a little nip to help her get through the day, but it turns out that she is considering the idea of foul play. She asks him if Josh put him up to this, and he repeats that he is there on behalf of the President of Georgia, and that he has an important offer he would like to discuss with Leo. She tells him that Leo has been ill and that he will have to discuss it with her. He tells her that it is "most top secret," to which she nods her head. He tells her that the President of Georgia would like to offer to the U.S. a "gift" of highly enriched uranium. C.J.: "Uranium? Like, to make bombs?" Georgian Envoy: "We do not wish to make bombs. We give to you, you make what you want." She asks to be excused for a minute, and as she is leaving he tells her that his briefcase contains maps of where the uranium is located.

C.J. walks up to Margaret and asks if this is "a thing, like the two weeks' notice game?" Just then Josh walks by, and she asks him if he and Toby sent "Inspector Clouseau" to her. Josh asks her if the guy propositioned her. C.J.: "No, you lummox, he offered me his collection of..." Just then, C.J. realizes that this really happening, and she tells Margaret to get the National Security Adviser right away. Josh asks if there is a problem. C.J.: "I've got an emissary from the Republic of Georgia offering me a load of weapons-grade uranium. I'm going to go with yes." Commercials.

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