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C.J. Kicks Some Ass Into Orbit

C.J. is in her office, meeting with Nancy McNally. Yay! Nancy is back. And her hair is down, with some slight honey-colored highlights. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, Anna Deavere Smith looks amazingly kick-ass with her hair up. On the other hand, just because a woman is working in some kind of high-powered government job in which she might order the bombing of a small nation, there's no reason she shouldn't look feminine if she wants to. Nancy and C.J. discuss the amount of uranium (three hundred kilograms), which Nancy says is enough to make twelve or fifteen bombs. In a funny bit of business, Margaret walks into the room and crosses behind C.J. as C.J. walks toward the door hollering for Margaret, with the result that C.J. is yelling instructions out the door to Margaret while Margaret is standing next to C.J.'s desk. Again, I really like these things that are funny without anyone's feeling like they have to draw a big arrow pointing out the joke. C.J. tells Margaret to arrange a meeting with the Secretaries of State, Defense, and Energy, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the CIA for the next day. Nancy -- who is listening to something on the phone -- tells C.J. that they tried to take the uranium off the Georgians' hands in 1992, but that the Georgians didn't want to give it up then in case they needed it to build a bomb in the future. C.J. tells her that it's just sitting there "behind what he's describing as an excellent padlock." Nancy is surprised it hasn't already been stolen. C.J. asks, "The Russians don't guard this stuff?" Nancy: "They gave them the padlock." She finishes her phone call and tells C.J. that the Georgian envoy has also visited the Iranian embassy twice in the last three days. C.J. tells Margaret that the meeting needs to happen today and not tomorrow.

Toby and Donna are sitting in the Briefing Room, which is otherwise empty. They're sitting about four rows back, right in the middle of the row. Donna is sitting in one of the normal chairs, not in her wheelchair, and inquiring minds want to know exactly how she got there. Is she able to walk short distances? (Is that even possible less than two weeks after the bombing that injured her leg?) Or did Toby carry her? And if Toby did carry her, why did we not get to see that? Because I'm thinking it would fall on the humor side of the column. And by the way, can I point out that we are on the fourth episode of the season and approximately nine days have gone by. I feel like I'm recapping 24. A Press Secretary candidate walks in, and Donna introduces Toby and herself to him. He approaches the podium, and Toby asks him a question. Toby actually asks him about the U.N. role in peacekeeping, but that seems to be a flub, since his answer (and all of Toby's subsequent questions to other candidates) is about NATO. It's an unusual kind of slip for this show to make. In any case, the guy gives an incredibly long-winded and indeterminate answer. Sample sentence: "It would be premature to prejudge what the Council, in its deliberative fashion, fully appropriate to its role as a deliberative body, may or may not have pre-determined out of any zeal to determine the precise nature of those deliberations." Donna and Toby look on, slack-jawed, and then Toby leans over and whispers to Donna, "This is gonna be a long day."

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