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Lord John Marbury

Previously on The West Wing: Josh tells Sam that Leo was in treatment for Valium addiction; Charlie and Zoe take a shine to each other, and C.J. succumbs to the charms (or something) of Fishboy.

National Reconnaissance Office, Washington Navy Yard: A peon notices something suspicious on a screen displaying kilohertz satellite photographs; he calls his colleague, Jack, over. Jack wants to know how old the picture is; the first guy says that it's about twenty minutes old. Upon enlarging one small part of the screen, they determine that they are seeing "two CVEs and four destroyers." (Actually I only see three destroyers, but whatever.) Jack: "Let's get some help."

A door swings open at the Pentagon. A guy in military uniform announces to two other official types (one in full uniform, one in a sweater-vest) that, so far, they've been able to identify elements of the northern, central and western command armies, and that they all appear to be front-line divisions. They are still working up the divisional identification. He further confirms that the naval contingent consists of two CVEs and four destroyers. Sweater-Vest asks where they're going; the first guy replies, "Pakistan." Full Uniform Guy says, "I'm sold. Let's brief the COs." Sweater-Vest dials the phone; behind him we can see the Washington Monument lit up in the darkness.

Back at the White House, Josh and Donna are walking through a hallway. Josh is explaining to Donna how much she'd like caddying. Donna, naturally, is somewhat skeptical: "Don't I just lug your golf clubs around?" Josh insists it's good exercise, and tells her that she'll also be reading the greens (at least I think that's what he said; I know zilch about golf) and helping with club selection. Before he can sell her any further on the joy of being his personal pack mule, a security guard says, "There he is now." Next to the security guard there's a man in a heavy coat and scarf, holding an envelope. Envelope Guy asks, "Joshua Lyman?" As soon as the Josh gets a load of this guy, he whines, "Oh, maaaaaaan!" in exactly the way a teenager would if you grounded him for not doing his homework. Envelope Guy asks again: "Are you Joshua Lyman?" Josh says, "Is this Claypool again?" Envelope Guy serves him with a subpoena to give deposition to...well, somebody, probably Claypool, but before Subpoena Guy (formerly Envelope Guy) can finish, Josh asks the security guard, "Why do you let him in the building?" Subpoena Guy asks him to just sign the form to prove that he was served. Josh snatches the form muttering, "this is the forty-third time..." and since they're in the middle of a big open area with no horizontal surfaces nearby, uses Donna's back to sign it. He doesn't ask her to turn around or say anything to her at all, but a subtle gesture from each of them and he's got the paper up on her back and he's writing his name. This bit of business was accomplished so smoothly that it quietly underlined the relatively well-oiled machine that is Josh and Donna's working relationship. While he's signing it, he asks Subpoena Guy, "This is Freedom Watch, right?" Subpoena guy confirms this. Josh mutters, "You guys are real patriots." Subpoena Guy offers, "I hope this hasn't inconvenienced you too much." "Being subpoenaed? No, why would that inconvenience me?" Subpoena Guy takes his form and wishes Josh a good day. Josh: "Thank you! Drop dead!" Donna and Josh walk away, and Josh waggles the envelope up in the air next to his head, says, "That's what I do now: I'm a professional hostile witness." Donna ignores this and asks, "Would I get to drive the cart?" Turns out Josh, and apparently all "real golfers," don't use carts. Donna then wonders if real golfers don't also carry their own clubs. Josh: "No." Donna: "Would you pay me extra?" Josh: "No." "Do you play in the winter?" Josh: "We'd wait until spring but I'd want you to start practicing with that bag right away." He breezes off into Mrs. Landingham's office, leaving Donna to contemplate this irresistible offer. She and her ponytail swing off in the other direction.

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