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Mandatory Minimums

Back in Sam's office, Sam and Steve are eating and arguing. Sam is still insisting that the FEC situation is not his thing. Steve switches the conversation around to the fact that the administration is obviously gearing up to announce new drug policy. Steve implies that the drug issue is obviously important to Sam personally and that he's been the point man. Steve asks, "Why do you want to trade it in for a move on campaign finance? It's not going to get you anywhere." I don't understand the either/or nature of Steve's argument, but whatever. Sam totally disagrees. Steve explains that without the FEC nominations, there's room for Sam to work with the Republicans, but with them, no one they need will take their calls. Steve finishes with, "And you, Sam, can go back to writing speeches for when the President meets the Girl Scout who sold the most cupcakes." Just then, Cathy knocks, probably to get Sam back to the Oval Office meeting. As Sam leaves, he clarifies for Steve that Girl Scouts sell cookies, not cupcakes. He adds, "And it was a pretty good speech I wrote. It was about volunteerism." Steve hollers from inside the office, "Well, keep up the good work, Sam!" Sam says he will. I'm sure not crazy about this Steve guy. I didn't like him when he was Dr. Phil Capra on Northern Exposure, either.

C.J. catches up with Leo in his office, saying she was just coming to see him. He's in a hurry, so she tells him quickly that his people are here in the press briefing room, and that Carol's keeping the press in the northwest lobby and will wait for a signal from Leo. Leo says he'll be over in a minute. C.J. then ventures into the subject of her blunder at the press briefing. Leo asks, "You want me to tell you how many ways that screwup was stupid?" He enumerates two or three ways, finishing by saying, "These amateur mistakes make me crazy," just before he races off to parts unknown. C.J.'s left standing there, when from down the hall she hears someone say, "That was bush league." It's Fishboy. Way to keep winning her over, bud. He walks toward her and says again, "That was bush league, what you did last night." C.J. says they'll talk in her office, as Danny asks, "And why can't anyone go in the press room?" C.J. tells him there's a meeting in there that's none of his business. When they get to her office, she closes the door and, in a much angrier tone of voice, says, "Don't talk to me like that in front of people!" Danny's all dumb: "What?" She's right in his face: "No! I just got called amateur twice in ten seconds. The White House Chief of Staff can do it to me wherever he wants but you don't do it to me in front of people!" Danny complains that if he doesn't have access, he doesn't have a job. Oh, well. They holler at each other for a minute, revisiting the issue of Mandy's memo, which Danny asserts every major news outlet agreed was a newsworthy story, and he names several. C.J. says, "Congratulations, you're a movie star. You're also on the outside looking in for a while. So get used to it!" Danny replies, "Used to it! I'm payin' for it! And what you don't understand..." C.J.: "Don't tell me what I don't understand! I'm not in my freshman year anymore! I understand more than you think!" Carol knocks at this point to let C.J. know that Leo's on his way in. As she leaves, Danny asks once again what's going on. Like she's going to tell you. C.J. just says, "Special event," and speeds off. Whew. Time for some commercials.

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