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Mandatory Minimums

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Mandatory Minimums

Elsewhere in the building, Charlie drops in on Josh. Charlie mentions that on his way over he saw Joey's light was still on; Josh wants to know why Charlie's telling him about it. Charlie starts that "fine-lookin'" business again but Josh cuts him off and tells him to have a good night. Charlie continues giving Josh unsolicited advice, telling him he should give her some little thing to welcome her, etc. Josh waves a tiny, tired wave and tells Charlie he'll see him tomorrow. As Charlie leaves, Toby and Sam show up to discuss Steve's "offer." Toby directs Sam to tell Josh what Sam just told him. Sam is confused but explains that Steve Honorato came to see him and they had lunch. Josh is surprised to hear that Steve came to see Sam. Sam says, "He said that if we dropped FEC, he could warm things up for drugs." Toby and Josh sputter with laughter. Josh is incredulous. Toby adds, "He even pointed out to Sam that Sam was working on drugs for the White House. You've made the big time, Sam." Sam wants to know what's going on. Josh explains that Steve knows about Laurie, that Sam is friends with a call girl, and that he wants to move Sam out to the front of the field so he can drop Laurie on him. Sam's pissed: "Are you serious? Are you serious?" Josh reassures him that it's okay and that he hasn't done anything wrong. Sam says he knows he hasn't, but still can't believe it. He asks Toby, "Are you saying he tried to practice on my..." Toby: "Credulous simplicity?" Sam wants to what he can do. They try to get him to take it easy, but Sam's firm. "I want to know what I can do right now, at 11:35. I want to know what I can do!" Josh tries to calm him down, but Sam yells, "I won't take it easy!" He grabs the phone. "Give me the phone! I'm gonna call the senator and tell him to shove his legislative agenda up his ass." Toby and Josh wrest the receiver away from the phone as Josh says, "I've already done that." Sam says he'll do it again. Josh says, "You know what this is like? This is like The Godfather, when Pacino tells James Caan that he's gonna kill the cop. It's a lot like that scene, only not really." Sam asks if Leo's gone home; Josh says he's still around somewhere. Then he says, "It is like that scene! I'm James Caan, you're Al Pacino. Toby, you're the guy who shows Pacino how to make tomato sauce." Toby asks them to get going, but Josh says he's right behind them, that he's just going to pick up the late wires. He stands there in the hallway for a moment, looking down to where Joey and Kenny are working away. He disappears to one side and then comes walking toward her with his hands behind his back. He comments on the fact that they're working late; Joey says, "I wanted to give you first-look analysis in the morning. There's really some decent models in Marin County and the Bay area. But San Jose is a mess, and so is Orange County, Long Beach, Anaheim and San Diego." Josh brings his hand out and waves a mug around, and says, "I brought you a coffee mug." I'm guessing he stole Donna's. I hope it was at least clean. Joey asks why; Josh replies, "Just as a thing...'cause you don't know anybody. It's got a picture of the White House. It says, 'The White House.' The seal of the President. It's a White House coffee mug." She thanks him. Josh asks Kenny to excuse them for a moment. Josh says softly, "I wore this suit special today. This isn't my regular Tuesday suit." Joey's a little befuddled and inquires, "You have a regular Tuesday suit?" Josh claims he doesn't. She asks, "For me?" He says, "Yes." She gives him a sparkly-eyed, lovey-dovey look. He says he's got to go and zooms off, leaving her there cuddling the coffee mug and looking pretty pleased.

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