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Mandatory Minimums

  • A hellcat of a woman; a termagant; a hellion; a virago; a nag of a woman who is exceptionally mean. "He is married to a choleria. "That choleria will drive him to either suicide or murder."

    Neither of these meanings seem appropriate to the context in which Sam used it, nor was Leo anywhere nearly upset enough to justify such strong description. Anyway, while I'm skeptical about the word itself and this possible etymology, it's not like I have any better theories. Now, back to your regularly scheduled recap. Toby, too, wants to know what the heck Sam's word means. Sam quickly acknowledges that it may not be a word, it may just be something his mother used to say. Leo looks vaguely disgusted and silently puts on his glasses to read the menu.

    Later in the Oval Office, Al Kiefer is holding forth to the staff about what a huge mistake some unspecified action would be: "It is a huge mistake, Mr. President, and possibly a fatal one. It'll doom the midterms in November, it'll haunt you at the convention, and if you manage to get re-nominated, which is far from a lock, there's no way you win re-election." Sam remarks to Jed, "Al's Mr. Good News Happy Guy." Al points out that for the first time more voters disapprove than approve of the President's job performance, and with a forty-two percent approval rating, it's not the time to come out for legalization. Sam says they're not doing that. Mandy slips into the Oval Office at this point; Toby starts toward her and C.J. gets up and waltzes Mandy right back out the door. Toby closes the door after they leave. Mandy remarks to C.J., "It's going to be a long day...Kiefer's just getting warmed up." C.J. says softly, "Listen..." Then she just kind of looks at Mandy until Mandy gets the point and says, "You're kidding." C.J. says she's not. Mandy asks, "He doesn't want me in there?" C.J. explains, "Leo's not comfortable with it." Mandy seems somewhat incredulous. She really is glacially slow. She declares that she wants to talk to the President; C.J. tells her she can't. Mandy tries to insist but C.J.'s firm. Mandy whines, "It was just a memo!" My God, woman, get a clue. C.J. says, "It wasn't just a memo! Do you have any idea how pissed people are at you?" Clearly, she doesn't. C.J. continues, "They're pissed at me, that's how pissed they are at you!" Mandy claims, "I can be trusted." C.J. says, "We'll see. There's plenty for you to do. Leo would feel more comfortable if you stayed out of this meeting." Mandy says, "Okay. Okay!" Then she huffs off like the sulky thing she is.

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