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Mandatory Minimums

Around the corner, he runs into C.J., who confesses a gaffe to Josh. Remember how she claimed at the press briefing the night before that POTUS was under no legal obligation to nominate a Democrat and a Republican for the FEC? Well, it turns out White House legal counsel says that he was in fact, obligated to do so. Josh knows this is a serious error but tells her to fix it at the briefing and not to worry about it. C.J. looks pretty annoyed with herself.

Back in the Oval Office, Al is arguing with Toby and Sam. Sam argues that addiction is a disease; Kiefer says they won't be able to "sell" that. Toby can't understand what there is to sell: the AMA says it's a disease, it's a medical problem, it can be treated. Toby says, "It's not ideological. It's science." Kiefer responds, "It's science to you." Toby's patience is running short. He sighs, stands up and replies, "Science is science to everybody, Al." Just then Josh pops back in, asking what he missed. Jed recaps what Toby just said; Al claims he believes that science is science to everybody, but he just doesn't think they can sell that. Josh interjects to ask if he can have a word with Leo and Toby. They wander into Leo's office, where Josh's first comment is, "So...Joey Lucas says she's not with Kiefer anymore." Leo, in a totally humourless way, says, "Well, that's a load off our minds." Josh moves on to explaining the mistake C.J. made; Leo's pretty pissed and says, "This is just the kind of dumb mistake we don't need right now." Josh indicates that C.J. knows how much she goofed up. Josh then wants to know if Leo's talked to Toby about "the thing" yet. Josh tells Toby, "We want you to go to a meeting." Toby: "With who?" Josh replies, "With a prominent House democrat who has a voice in campaign finance reform and if it was someone on the ethics committee that'd be even better because then she could answer some of Leo's questions." Toby has a funny look on his face as he says, "I used to be married to someone who fits that description." D'oh! Tobyphiles everywhere are squealing, "He's available! Huzzah!" Or, you know, things to that effect. Leo says he set up a lunch for the two of them. Toby asks, "You set me up on a date with my ex-wife?" Leo and Josh instruct him to make it very clear that the President isn't going to unilaterally ask the Democrats to drop soft money, and to take her temperature on the "ethics thing." Toby agrees with a lot less fuss than you'd expect, leading me to think that he's not all that disappointed about the prospect of having lunch with his ex-wife. Once he leaves, Josh asks Leo, "You had to send flowers?" Leo states the obvious, namely that it was a nice thing to do. (But it would have been nicer with lilies or tulips or something beside carnations.) Josh blathers some nonsense about how he had this "patter going" (no, you didn't, dude...really) and then says, "The hell with it," and disappears. Leo calls Margaret in and begins, "The list of names I gave you before..." Margaret rhymes off all seven without a moment's hesitation. Leo says, "You didn't need to memorize them." Margaret: "Couldn't help it. My mind works that way." Mm-hmm. Leo tells her to get one representative from each of their offices to attend a meeting as a group at 2:00 p.m. in the press briefing room. Margaret wants to know what those seven people have in common. Leo tells her not to worry about it as he goes back to the Oval Office.

After the commercials, Josh wanders back to Joey's workspace to further impress her with his officiousness. He makes some general remarks about how she's settled in, approves of the fact that she doesn't have too many personal items. He adds, "Got your little clock, that's fine." She thanks him, although not nearly sarcastically enough for my liking. He lays out the situation regarding Republican retaliation for the FEC nominations, adding that the first issue they'll bring up involves English as the national language. She says that she already knows all this and has been working on it since Toby called her. Josh is about to launch into some tedious reaction when Joey's alarm clock goes off. She hits it and says, "Lunchtime." She and Kenny take off.

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