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Mandatory Minimums

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Mandatory Minimums

Toby: There are restaurants, you know. Indoors, with waiters and tables.
Ex-wife: You should come sit next to me. [pats the blanket]
Toby: I'm wearing a suit.
Ex-wife: So am I.
Toby: I'm a responsible adult.
Ex-wife: I'm a member of the United States Congress.
Toby: I rest my case.

From her bag, she pulls out a Tupperware container and offers him some pie. Toby starts, "Andy..." She asserts that it's "really good pie," adding that it's homemade. He seems skeptical: "You baked a pie?" Andy clarifies that she didn't mean she made it in her home. He says, "Let's go." As she packs up her stuff, she explains that the pie was baked by one of her constituents. Toby inquires, "And you trust it?" Andy: "Well, that's why I was hoping you'd eat it first." Toby continues to try to be serious. He tells her Leo's message about the soft money; she gets it but lists the names of a good number of people that they're going to hear from anyway. Toby asks, "But we have your people in line?" Andy confirms this. Toby says, "What about drugs?" Andy replies, "That's a different story. Mandatory minimums are racist." Toby responds, "One step at a time." She starts citing chapter and verse on what the Sentencing Commission says about mandatory minimums, and Toby states that he doesn't want to talk about mandatory minimums, and they talk over each other for a bit until Toby rebukes her with, "This is what happens. This is what you do. I'm saying I don't want to talk about mandatory minimums and we talked about mandatory minimums anyway! You hijack my ability to make that decision for myself, Andrea, and making decisions for myself is my birthright!" Geez, take it easy, Toby. Could you be any more uptight? Quietly, Andy asks, "Good to get that off your chest there, Pokey?" "Pokey"? He says, "Yes." He asks her to confirm that she doesn't have a problem with what Leo's going to do. She says she doesn't, but she wants to be there. Toby wants to know why, of course; she says, "Just for fun." This sets Toby off again, insisting that it's not fun, and saying, "Not everything's fun." Not with you around, anyway. Andy says, "Okay. Okay!" Finally he offers, "You want to be there, you can be there, but this is a serious thing." Andy pauses a bit before asking, "Can I bring my pie?" Toby: "Andy..." Andy: "I'm just saying! This is a serious thing; there might not be any food there." Toby: "Can we walk faster, please? I really don't like being outdoors this long." What a party animal.

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