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Previously on Kaboom!: Donna and Fitz blew up in Gaza, and suffered different fates, as she made it to the Hospital of Dramatic Bedside Longing, while he stalled out in the Desolate Land of Supporting Characters Sacrificed During Sweeps. Donna's trip to the hospital interrupted her budding romance with Hot Photographer, and it motivated Josh right off his ass and catapulted him to Germany to visit her. Mrs. Fitz asked Jed not to promise he'd get justice for Fitz, given that he probably won't.

"Memorial Day." We fade up on Jed and Kate in the back of the presidential limo, apparently on their way home from grief and coffee with Mrs. Fitz. Kate is recalling aloud that Fitz told her once about his father taking him sailing on Long Island Sound. Apparently, the fact that he found this terrifying was his reason for joining the Navy. You know, it's that sort of character detail that you wish they would occasionally provide with regard to characters WHO ARE ALIVE. Kate looks at Jed and realizes that he isn't listening to her at all, and then the car phone rings. In the age of cell phones, do cars still have honking built-ins like that? I guess the president's limo probably does. But still. Kate hesitates for a minute, wondering whether she's supposed to answer it. But when it becomes clear that Jed isn't going to, she goes ahead, probably afraid it's going to be Bingo Bob doing his "Is your refrigerator running?" routine again. She extends the phone to Jed and tells him that it's Leo on the line. Jed takes the phone. Leo asks how Mrs. Fitz is doing, and Jed gives the unsurprising "not great" response, like, it's the same day, nimrod, what do you expect? Leo passes along the bad news that Israel has launched a missile strike on an apartment building in Gaza City. Jed, in the car, looks sad but not surprised, and quickly says he's on his way back. He hangs up. Or rather, he hands the phone back to Kate to hang it up, because he is too important to hang up his own phone. National security, you know.

We skip ahead to the White House later, where Jed is on the phone with the chairman of the Palestinian authority, telling him that it's critical that he act to avoid retribution for the missile strike. He assures the chairman that the United States had no role in the strike, and didn't even discuss it with Israel. Jed also asks the chairman not to impede access to the site of the explosion in Gaza, and vows to urge Israel to refrain from anything further in the way of missiles and such. They exchange tense pleasantries, and Jed hangs up. He says he needs someone to get him the Israeli prime minister, and Kate comments that they're sending the ambassador: "We're their closest ally on the planet; you'd think they could pick up the damn phone." That's just how I feel whenever I call...wait for it...my bank. Sigh.

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