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In the restaurant, Josh is explaining to Kate on the phone that Burt left as soon as he got there. She reasons that he probably went to make sure Josh wasn't followed. "This is a diplomatic meeting," he confirms. She agrees. "'Cause it's feeling a little Nick Danger," he says. Hee. Kate tells him to relax, which is how you can tell she doesn't know Josh very well. He double-checks that she has a guy in the restaurant with him. "Yes, Josh," she says patiently. "Is it the guy with the toupee? Because he looks pretty obvious." Kate starts to talk to him, but he says he needs to hang up -- because, you see, Burt has returned and is sitting back down. "Hi," Josh says.

Back in the hallway, we see that Jed has moved up considerably from the tape mark in order to get the ball to Charlie successfully. "Okay, that was better," Toby says. "I hit the wall," Jed complains. "Distance was good," Toby counters. "Now just try to aim for the guy with the mitt." "Why didn't we cancel?" Jed grumbles. Charlie says he was wondering the same thing. But Toby thinks that what they'll accomplish by putting Jed on the mound is more impressive than any speech he could write. "Yeah, that's me," Jed grumps. "All-powerful, bending the will of the world by my mere presence." A few steps further back now, he throws nice and hard, and takes out a lamp. "Wow," Toby says. Yeah. You can't bust out the really big-ass metaphors until you start breaking the furniture.

Burt, who turns out to look absolutely nothing at all like Burt Reynolds, explains to Josh that Hamas "grows stronger every day." Not only because of the conflict with Israel, but also because they give the Palestinian people food and health care and the like. And the Palestinian authority, in Burt's opinion, "lines [its] own pockets." Burt goes on to say that while the chairman is not capable of changing in such a way that he'll be helpful, there are other people who might be willing. It turns out that Burt has been sent by the prime minister, who wants "a new line of dialogue." Without the chairman. Josh takes this in.

Abby approaches a sleeping Leo, and she wakes him up with a hand on the shoulder. He asks what she wants, and she says she's here to "offer up [her] services." Asked what she's talking about, she says that she looks good in a vest, and that she has some history in intramural softball. Leo tells her gently that Toby and Josh think Jed needs to get out there tonight. "What does Ron Butterfield think?" Abby asks. Leo tries to reassure her, talking about the Secret Service guys who have been combing the place for two weeks and taking apart everything from the air conditioners on down. There will be guys everywhere, swarming around. She isn't entirely reassured, and tells him he looks tired. "You wanted to do something," she surmises. "Yeah," he admits. "Seems to me he's trying to," Abby says. "He's tilting at windmills," Leo says sadly. "Tilting at windmills in the Middle East," Abby repeats. "Is there a better place for that?" I have to say, of all the things I have to say about this episode, I can't really shoehorn in the word "upbeat."

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