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And we're flashing back again, to six years earlier, where Leo and Jed are heading outside for the press conference, and Leo is bitching about how cold it is. Jed says it helps to "avoid too many questions." As they walk out, Jed contemplates asking for a recount, and Leo says that he got 303 electoral votes, and he's probably "stuck with them." Jed marvels at all the people on the lawn waiting for the press conference. He and Leo talk about how intimidating it all is, and Jed expresses his worry over learning the military part. "We've got some things to learn," Leo allows. "I can't do this without you," Jed tells him. "You think I'd let you? There's a reason I've stayed sober," Leo grins.

Back in the Office of O, present day, Jed asks if there's any way to know what the reaction will be if they go along with this. Kate says they can approach some contacts "quietly." "Let's do so," Jed says. She starts to go. "And," he says, "keep the FA-18s on ready alert." When Kate is gone, Leo starts in again. "Sir," he says, "This is a waste of time. We've tried --" "Thank you," Jed says simply, and walks past Leo. But Leo isn't done. "You need to --" "Thank you," Jed says again. Leo looks after him, openly stunned at what he clearly feels is a rebuffing of his advice, rather than what it is, which is Jed listening to his advice and deciding not to follow it. Which...you know, happens.

The hospital, Germany. Josh comes down the hallway carrying a bunch of roses. He comes to Donna's door, and when he opens it, he is stunned to see she isn't there. What is there, however, is a bunch of ominous-looking medical debris on the floor, including what appear to be bloody gloves and bandages. He flies out of the room, down the hall, and to the nurses' station. "Where's Donna Moss?" he asks. "Excuse me?" the nurse asks. "Donna Moss," he repeats. "She's not in her room." "Are you a relative?" the nurse asks. "I work for the President of the United States, I have the diplomatic rank of a three-star general. Tell me where Donna Moss is." Because medical confidentiality doesn't apply to people with oodles of stars.

And then we are at Camden Yards, where Jed is walking up the corridor toward the field, taking off his jacket to put on the vest. He asks Kate if she talked to the Israeli ambassador, and she says that the Israelis are willing to meet with the PM, provided they're assured that the chairman won't be involved. "Where are you on this?" Jed asks her. "Both options have risks," she says. He asks for a moment with Leo, so Kate exits.

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