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And...hospital. Josh tears around until he runs into the friendly doctor from his initial visit to the hospital. The news this time is less "no biggie." Donna, it seems, has developed a pulmonary embolism, which is a blood clot. The doctor says they're working on it. Well, it has be serious, because it took out Kellie Martin, and now she's...wow, I don't even know what she's doing. I'm not even sure what her post-Tori-Spelling TV movie career has brought. Anyway. Josh stares miserably into the operating room as the doctor disappears into it.

Back at the ballpark, as Jed slips the vest over his head, Leo goes through a long explanation of how the Israelis run a long list of their dead on television every year before Independence Day. And it takes twenty-four hours to read them. Jed says that if we encourage them to keep lobbing missiles, the broadcast will take forty-eight hours in no time. Leo brings up the many fruitless attempts at negotiation that have already occurred, and Jed says that this time may be different, because the chairman won't be involved. "Your priority should be the security of this country," Leo says, and I'd say Leo needs to back right off, because that's not going to win him any friends, the suggestion that Jed doesn't know this. Jed gives him a warning look. "I think you're gun-shy, sir," Leo says. "The most important moment of your presidency, and you're going to blow it because you're human, you're a father who almost lost --" "You think this is about Zoey?" Jed asks. "You're damn right, it's about Zoey. And Ellie, and Elizabeth, and Mallory. It's about bombs in Macy's and Penn Station and Starbucks. Bombing Gaza could be the most dangerous move this country has made in two centuries." "Or not!" Leo says. Well, right. Or not. Nobody knows, Leo, that's the problem. "In seventy-five years, we'll know if we're right or wrong," Jed says, "but nobody standing here today can tell me that with any certainty. I'm the guy in the office, Leo. I'll be the one who's judged."

And it's hard to notice at first, but we slip back into flashback here, as Jed leans close to Leo on his way out to the press conference and says, "It should be you, Leo. You, not me." Flashback Leo smiles, and Flashback Jed walks out to the press throng.

And back at Camden Yards, Current Jed heads down the corridor toward the field, taking the Secret Service with him. When he's gone, Leo's cell phone rings. He answers, and it's Toby, who tells him that the chairman is on television accepting the invitation to the new negotiations -- along with the PM. An incredulous Leo says that they haven't even invited the PM yet, so what the hell? Toby says that nonetheless, the chairman has officially accepted the invite to Camp David. As Leo closes his phone and stands, stunned, Jed is summoned onto the field by the announcer. He walks out to cheers, as Leo tries to call out to him but can't be heard over the din. We flash back once more to a happier moment, to Jed turning back to Leo on the steps of the governor's mansion, and to Leo giving Jed a fist-on-the-heart salute. But there is no turning back and no salute this time, there is only a tense POTUS running out onto the field. He waves, he smiles. He waves, he smiles. He nods to the crowd. The camera rotates around him. He is on the big screen. He winds up, and he pitches. Smack!

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