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Out in the hall and heading up the stairs, Leo complains to Jed that this strategy has been tried before, including by the Israelis, and that the chairman doesn't have a great history of following through when he's given the opportunity to punish the guilty. Jed says that the Israelis didn't have the opportunity to make the chairman relevant, and the United States does. "Sir," Leo says, "the country wants action." Well, Jesus, Leo, the country wants a lot of things that are crap-ass ideas -- you of all people should know that by now. Yes, Dear is still on the air, isn't it? Jed says he knows it's not a great option, but neither is "taking out a city block" in order to get one guy.

Germany. Donna's hospital room. A nurse is nearby, fussing with something, when Donna stirs and murmurs. "Hey there," the nurse says, and asks Donna if she just woke up. Donna complains that her mouth is dry, and the nurse offers to get her some water. When the nurse steps back, she reveals Josh, back in his observing chair, now looking stunned to see that Donna is moving. He gets up and comes to stand by her bed. "Hey," he croaks. Donna looks over at him. "What happened to you?" she asks weakly. "To me?" he repeats disbelievingly. "You need to shave," she tells him. He starts to defend his stubble, and Donna asks where the is, anyway. "You're in Germany," Josh says. "It doesn't look like Germany," she answers. Okay, it's all right for Donna to be flighty, but looking around a hospital room and saying it doesn't look like Germany? That makes her look stupid, and I'd actually prefer that not happen. Anyway, the nurse brings Donna's water. Donna mutters something that's obviously supposed to be a joke, but that I cannot come anywhere near understanding, and so when the nurse gives her the "I heard that" response, the joke kind of doesn't land. The nurse tells Donna to squeeze her clicker if it hurts, because that's her morphine supply. Donna repeats to the nurse that Josh needs to shave, and the nurse agrees. Despite the fact that Josh shows absolutely no sign of so much as a five o'clock shadow. Nice continuity, there, guys. And it's not like that's an incredibly difficult effect to achieve, either. Then the nurse says she's going to draw blood, and Josh starts to turn all green. He tries to stay in the room, but eventually has to flee.

Carol comes into Josh's office, where a grumpy Toby is going through notebooks. Carol asks if he found some notes of Josh's that he was looking for, but Toby withers her with a look, and she agrees to look in Donna's files. When she's gone, Toby's phone rings, and it's Josh. Toby asks after Donna, and Josh says she's about the same, but "awake, at least, kind of." Josh asks how things are back at home. Toby mentions the "legion of congressmen parading into the Oval demanding retribution," and Josh asks about the "cycle of violence" thing at the end of the speech. Toby says it was "an improv." Josh says that it went over big in Europe. Toby says that the Times liked it too, but that the rest of the editorial pages are going to want more action. They banter about whether Josh can get updates from the Joint Chiefs in Germany, and then Toby mentions that they also need to decide what they're doing about Camden Yards. As it turns out, Jed is on tap to throw out the first pitch on Memorial Day. Josh's first thought is to cancel it, but he scratches that, saying it "sends the wrong message." Seriously. I think it sends exactly the right message to at least pick a ballpark that isn't called Charmin Extra-Gentle Double-Quilted Toilet Paper Stadium. Josh suggests instead that Jed ask for a moment of silence. Josh also stresses the importance of getting Jed out with gloves and a ball beforehand. Heh. Toby says that Jed will be throwing from the stands, but Josh reminds him that FDR did the same thing and hit a photographer, which "extended the Depression another four years."

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