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Leo is elsewhere, talking to the Speaker and Bingo Bob. The Speaker stresses that Congress is looking for "an immediate and forceful response." And he's not sure that the speech suggests they're going in that direction. As Toby enters, Bingo Bob says that "Israel is a black and white issue" for everyone who knows anything. The Speaker agrees. Well, that's a helpful perspective to have. You don't want to forget the simpletons. The Speaker insists that the only way to make us safe is to kill lots and lots of "these people," since they're willing to sacrifice themselves anyway. Bingo Bob tries to clarify, but Leo's like, "Yeah, we get it." The Speaker adds that they lost two congressmen, and the members frankly want blood. "There's an obvious course of action here," he says. The Speaker adds that, "politics aside, he's got to do this." Of course, if there's one thing you quickly learn in politics, it's that anyone who says "politics aside" is about to say something entirely driven by politics. Just a little lesson, from me to you.

Back from commercials, Jed is in the Office of O, talking to the chairman on the speakerphone, and the chairman is promising to help however he can. Jed tells him that they'll need "more than [his] best," and then they disconnect. Kate -- who has been in the room for this call -- tells Jed that, in the long run, she doesn't see the chairman as "the answer to the greater problem," because he's used up everyone's trust, essentially. Leo enters just as Kate notes that, on the other hand, the chairman "may be the answer to this one." "I wouldn't bet on it," Leo grumbles. Because Leo, today, is the anti-diplomat. He's the man who can actually suck statesmanship out of a room, so stand back and cut him a wide berth if you're trying to negotiate a lower price on an oil change or anything like that. As it turns out, Leo brings more bad news: there's been a suicide bombing on a Jerusalem bus, killing ten to twenty and wounding about a hundred.

C.J. and Toby walk and talk, and she mentions that CNN is running an entire piece tomorrow on the changes to the address. "I take it they're not praising his sensible moderation," Toby grouches. C.J. allows that this is so, and asks how things are with Congress. Toby says that there's going to be a vote on a resolution on military action the next morning. C.J. asks if it will pass, and Toby says he's just "hoping it's not unanimous." He asks C.J. what she thinks. C.J.: "The whole country's waiting for the president to carpet-bomb Gaza. I think it's a good sign he hasn't done it yet." That's kind of what I think, too. Whatever you're going to do, a day probably isn't too long to wait.

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