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Flowers Out The Wazoo

C.J. leaves, and Charlie passes, and Toby joins him for some more walk and talk. Charlie is carrying a bulletproof vest, you see, and Toby asks him what that's for. Charlie says that Jed will be wearing it at the game -- he doesn't want to throw from the stands, he wants to throw from the mound, and the Secret Service says that means a vest. Toby and Charlie quickly reach the conclusion that if they don't want Jed to make a complete idiot out of himself, especially when he's trying to throw a baseball with a big bulletproof vest on, they're going to have to take him out for some practice tosses. Charlie plans to squeeze it in between Jed's call to the Palestinians and his discussion with the Egyptian ambassador. "Yeah, perfect," Toby sighs.

In Donna's room, Josh is staring up at the TV, slumped in a chair. Suddenly, her voice floats over, asking what he's watching. Since the cable news is currently the All Bombing Channel, Josh flips it off and tells her it's nothing. He turns to her and asks how she's feeling. He says they left her lunch, and she says she's not hungry. "German chocolate cake," he says, trying to entice her, but this seems to make her feel more nauseated than before. And if it's some kind of Germany joke? Not that funny. Josh tells Donna that her mother's on her way to New York and will be catching a flight over. "How long are you staying?" Donna wonders. Josh says, with a smile creeping onto his face, that he figures if he stays long enough, a nurse will give him a sponge bath. She protests a little: "Leo doesn't need you to...?" "I'm here as long as I need to be here," Josh says firmly and comfortingly. They exchange warm expressions designed to tide the masses over for another three years or so. Josh snaps the moment in half, of course, by offering Jell-O. And just then, his phone rings with one of the distinctive silly Nokia rings. I actually had that ring back in the day, and it literally is called "Samba," I believe. It's that lame. Donna says she doesn't want to talk to anyone...

...which is too bad, because it's C.J. on the phone, wanting to know how Donna is. And C.J. is much cooler than Josh. Josh says that Donna is fine: "She was singing tunes from My Fair Lady earlier." C.J. asks if she can talk to Donna, but Josh demurs. "But she really is all right?" C.J. asks. Josh keeps up the musical jokes for one round too long as he strolls into the hallway to continue the conversation, and C.J. asks if he's seen what's on the news. Just then, as Josh is preparing to answer, none other than Hot Photographer walks up to Josh in the hall, carrying flowers, and whispers, "Donna Moss?" "Uh-huh," Josh says glancing back at the room, and HP walks in to see Donna. Josh tells C.J. that they should "come out fighting" in response to the negative press, but all of his attention is now focused on watching HP walk into Donna's room, walk over to her bed, and provoke a much bigger grin on Donna's face than she wore when she woke up and saw Josh himself. HP puts down the flowers, tenderly touches Donna's foot, and then leans down and kisses her, as Josh babbles into the phone and stares openly and rather intrusively. Finally, he stops talking entirely, transfixed by seeing somebody kiss Donna just like he would if she were a real live girl. "Josh?" C.J. asks. "Josh?" Josh is too busy singing six choruses of "I Want You Back" to listen.

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