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Adiós, Leon. We Hardly Knew Ye.

Vinick and entourage walk down some stairs. Leon stops Vinick and hands him a letter, telling him that he's heading back to D.C. that night. Vinick wonders what Leon just handed him. It's Leon's letter of resignation. Vinick asks if Leon is having problems with Bruno. Leon lies and tells Vinick that he needs to spend more time with his family. Vinick knows a liar when he sees one. And then Leon tells him that he never thought he'd be working for Vinick against Santos. But all of a sudden he has a slight Latino accent. One that was completely undetectable before this instant. He continues, "I can't be working all day and night to beat the first Latino nominee for President. And now that we're using his heritage against him...." Vinick denies that's what he's doing, but Leon reminds Vinick that he was in the meeting and that he saw what he saw. And then Vinick blames Santos for not being "way out ahead of [Vinick] on this stuff." Leon tells Vinick that his mother-in-law just taught his toddler twins to say "Santos." He doesn't want to have to tell them someday that he worked against Santos's election. And then he walks away. Eh. Leon's departure would have been more meaningful if we'd had more than one episode to get to know him.

Vinick is called over by a Secret Service agent. Sullivan is there. He praises Vinick for hitting Santos so hard with "that border stuff." Vinick asks how the meeting with George went, and Sullivan tells him, "Got him back in his cage for now." Vinick asks Sullivan if he promised anything to George. Sullivan slaps Vinick on the back and says, "I'll tell you after the election." And then Vinick and Sullivan are introduced, and they walk in to receive the endorsement of the Houston police union. Credits.

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