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Jack Frost, Nipping At Your Nose

In the hallway of the school where Santos is about to speak, Lou is trying to sell Josh on the idea of pitching Santos as a values candidate: "The buckle on the Bible belt." What a bizarre image. Josh thinks it will offend some important Democratic base voters. Ned hands a phone to Josh, telling him that Leo is on the line. Leo immediately gives Josh some advice about controlling Santos and preventing him from making more religious remarks. As the camera slowly moves back from Leo, we can see that Annabeth is passed out, slumped over, leaning against Leo's shoulder, and holding onto his hand with a two-handed death grip. Leo and Josh exchange campaign small talk, and then Leo asks if Josh has told Santos about the subpoena. Josh hasn't had the chance. Josh asks about Leo's call with Jed: "What did he say?" Leo: "What do you think?" And then Ronna brams Josh away to the parent-teacher roundtable.

In the West Wing, Toby runs into Kate in the corridor and asks for an update on the funeral. She tells him she'll let him know what's up before he briefs the press at 5:00. He also asks her if she wants to look over the remarks he's drafting for Jed to read at the reception that night. Kate sees no need to look at them if C.J. is already doing it. Because C.J. needs more things to do. And then Kate asks Toby, "What are you digging for?" I kind of like that, because it's a return to the socially awkward Kate we had glimpses of last season. He wants to know how her testimony went, and she tells him it's been postponed: "Apparently, Margaret's still up there." Toby hands Kate off to Charlie, who asks her if she got his message. The two of them walk into Margaret's office, where Charlie hops on the phone and lets C.J. know Kate is there for her.

Kate enters C.J.'s office and starts to tell her that she has the name of Vinick's briefer, but C.J. is way ahead of her, having just spent twenty minutes talking to the guy. Kate is pissed to hear that Frost went to C.J.: "I'm gonna have his ass." C.J. wants to know why someone assigned to Kate is trying to get around her to speak to C.J. Kate repeats herself: "I'm gonna have his paranoid ass." As C.J. finishes chewing Kate out, she mentions Frost's paranoid theories. Kate is familiar with his predictions of further assassinations, but tells C.J., "We have no intelligence to support that theory." Kate thinks that Frost is a good analyst, but that he's wrong as often as he's right. C.J. asks whether Frost is still briefing Vinick, and Kate tells her, "Not after what happened yesterday." So I have to assume Frost continued to brief Vinick after their little tearoom encounter last episode, and that it was just yesterday that he really got on Vinick's nerves. Kate leaves, and Charlie enters, followed by a small man holding a folded blue sheet of paper. Charlie tells C.J., "This just came over from the Counsel's office." She wants to know what it is, and he tells her the obvious -- that it's a subpoena. Ooooh, C.J. got served!

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