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Jack Frost, Nipping At Your Nose

Jed is addressing the attendees at the reception for new members of the Kennedy Center Board. He tells them that before he gets to the official proceedings, he has some words to say about Farad. Jed tells the assembled guests that Farad was his friend, and that the three of them (Jed, Farad, and Zahavy) took a chance on peace. He wonders how to respond to the kind of senseless violence that killed Farad: "I know that Chairman Farad would want us to take a moment to remember those innocent victims who perished with him." Jed's voice is breaking. He takes out a piece of paper, and begins reading the names of the seven university students, Palestinian and Israeli, who also died in the attack.

We cut away to Santos in a darkened classroom. There are adults sitting on one side of the room, and a student music ensemble on the other side of the room. Santos makes some remarks on the Framers' intentions in instituting the separation of church and state: "It was a bold experiment then, as it is now. It wasn't meant to make us comfortable. It was meant to make us free."

And...it's a musical montage. We cut back and forth between the professional musicians playing at the White House and the students playing at the Santos campaign event. The music is gorgeous. The White House scenes are softly lit with a yellow glow, while the campaign event takes place in a bluer light, but with the soft flickering of flashbulbs. And as the music continues, we see Margaret walking down the corridor toward her office.

Margaret enters her office. We can see that C.J. is in her office with the television on. Kate walks through Margaret's office and into C.J.'s. She has nothing new to report, and they haven't been able to locate Frost. But Kate is sure he'll turn up. In a body bag, I'm guessing. C.J. tells Kate that she should go home, and Kate points out that C.J.'s looking pretty beat herself. C.J. tells her she plans on leaving soon. Kate leaves, and Toby enters. C.J. tells him, "You would not believe the day I've had. I'd tell you about it, if I could talk about it, but a bunch of stuff happened that I can't talk about. So I guess I should...stop talking about it." During this little speech, C.J. walks out to Margaret's desk with a folder and notes that Margaret has returned.

Once C.J.'s back in the office, Toby closes the office door. He says her name, but she keeps talking: "Let's open that bottle of champagne you gave me for my birthday. Maybe the alcohol will balance out the caffeine." Toby keeps trying to interrupt her, but she's not having it: "Let's have a toast, one final toast, before I leave the White House for my perp walk in leg irons." While she's been talking, she's closed the other door and retrieved a bottle of champagne and two glasses from the closet. She tries to hand him the bottle and tells him to open it, but he tries to speak again, so she walks away and says, "Fine, I'll open it. But just listen to what I have to say. Leo's in trouble." Toby knows. As C.J. fiddles with the cork on the bottle, Toby walks over and sits down next to her. He tells her, "I got a lawyer." She says, "What?" Toby repeats himself. She sighs, and there is a long pause. And he turns to her and says, "I did it." She looks at him, and that subsonic rumbling fills up the soundtrack. Credits.

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