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Speaking of the credits, they've added this new shot to the credits of balloons falling at a political convention. It drives me crazy, because the rest of the credits have the gorgeous depth of film while that one shot looks like glossy video footage run through a black and white film filter. It's all hard and shiny, and I don't like it.

Outdoors, at a Santos/McGarry rally. It's not only 82 days until Election Day, it's also a Friday. The rally is allegedly taking place at the University of Pennsylvania. I say "allegedly," because while the subtitle claims we are at Penn, the banner over the stage welcomes Santos to "Calverson College." Santos is giving a speech about high-tech jobs and competitiveness. Of course, not a single person in the audience can really hear him, because they are constantly hooting and hollering. Leo and a couple of other people are sitting on the stage behind Santos. In the wings, Josh and Lou are chatting about creationism and intelligent design and the fact that the constitutional requirement of the separation of church and state prohibits either one from being taught in public schools. Apparently, the State Board of Education is holding hearings on teaching intelligent design, so Josh expects local reporters to ask questions on the topic. Annabeth is standing nearby, taking a call on her cell. I really hope Lou and Annabeth have a scene together sometime this season, just the two of them. I see enormous humor potential between these two characters. Annabeth hangs up the phone and tells Josh and Lou that Vinick is headed to Atlanta, and that he is still focused on immigration issues. (I thought Sheila told George that Vinick couldn't possibly come to Atlanta, since he had no need to campaign in Georgia? Oh well, I guess she lied.) Ned comes by with recent press clippings about the current Santos/McGarry campaign tour, in which the two candidates are making appearances together. We get a quick shot of Leo checking his watch as Santos continues speechifying.

White House. Toby and Charlie walk together. Toby's carrying a yellow pad, and Charlie is carrying a couple of fancy take-out coffee cups. Charlie tells Toby that he owes him some money. Toby starts going on about the stats of some athlete or other: "Blah blah ERA blah blah." Or at least, that's what it sounds like to me. Charlie thinks that all those stats are great, but that Toby still owes him $50. Charlie tells Toby that C.J. worked the entire night, and that they expect Margaret back from her testimony in about an hour. Toby asks Charlie when he's scheduled to testify, and Charlie tells him, "Tomorrow." Someone with more inside political knowledge than I have will have to let us know in the forums whether a committee like this would ever hold sessions on a Saturday. Toby is schedule to testify on Tuesday. Suddenly, C.J. walks up to them and asks what they're talking about. Charlie: "Baseball." Toby (simultaneously): "Nothing." C.J. tells Charlie, "Keep that coffee away from me."

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