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Jack Frost, Nipping At Your Nose

Charlie and C.J. enter her office while Toby stands in the doorway. She tells Toby that she was there all night working on the Omnibus Intellectual Property Bill. She rattles off some issues at hypersonic speed, and Toby speaks for the nation when he tells her, "You're speaking very fast." She asks him if he doesn't owe Charlie money, and when he starts talking stats, she tells him to "shoo." Charlie tries to hand some coffee to C.J., but she tells him she needs "less coffee and more sleep." She asks him what's up, and makes it clear that she's not talking about his beverage choices. He tells her that Toby was served with a subpoena. She asks, "How many people around here have subpoenas?" He tells her, "Lots," and she's not pleased to hear it. Charlie: "We got trouble." C.J.: "Trouble and that starts with 'T' and that rhymes with 'P' and that stands for p...ool." No, it stands for "pause," as in the thing you should be putting between words. For the love of God, this super-high-speed delivery is cute, but it's a pain in the ass to recap. Charlie tells C.J. to go home and get some rest, and she insists that a power nap will pull her through. He offers to keep everyone away from her for half an hour so she can sleep: "No people, no calls." The word "calls" reminds C.J. that she was supposed to call Leo.

Back on the campaign trail, Santos is still giving his speech. At first, I thought it was in a new location, because the scenery behind Santos had apparently changed from manicured shrubbery in front of a stone building to a large tree, but I think it's just the angle of the shot, because the crowd is identical and Josh, Lou, and Annabeth are standing in the same location. Annabeth tells Lou that she and Leo are returning to D.C. in a couple of hours. Josh looks at the stage and tells Annabeth, "He's doing it again." We see that Leo continues to check his watch as though he's got a plane to catch. Which he does, but not for a couple of hours. Annabeth: "I'm on it." Santos continues his speech: "Blah blah education blah blah." His flunkies are clearly pleased by the reaction he's able to get from the audience. As the speech ends, it's nearly impossible to hear Santos over the cheering and screaming. Leo is first on his feet to applaud as the speech finishes, and Santos stands with him as they both wave to the crowd. Santos walks over to Josh and Lou, who give him an update on Vinick's recent activities. Josh reminds Santos that no matter how much Vinick keeps focusing on border issues, Santos needs to stay on the education message. Santos points out that he's been getting a lot of questions on intelligent design. Josh points out that that's a local issue, and that Santos should ignore it and stay on message. And then Josh gives Santos a slap on the ass and sends him off to speak to reporters. Okay, maybe it was a slap on his back, but I'm guessing that's not where Josh was aiming.

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