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Jack Frost, Nipping At Your Nose

Annabeth walks up to Leo and says, "Give me your watch." Leo's startled, and she tells him that his clockwatching leads people to believe that he doesn't like Santos's speech. He tells her it's a fine speech, but that he's "been getting it five times a day." Oh, not like that, you freaks. Annabeth reminds him that he's not on the stage for his own entertainment. Leo asks whether C.J. is on the phone for him. She is, but Annabeth won't give Leo the phone until he gives her his watch. They go back and forth a bit, but then he takes off his watch and hands it to her, telling her, "You're not a tall person." She responds, "And I think you're fabulous." They're just like Tracy and Hepburn, without the adultery and self-denial.

Leo walks off with the phone and starts chatting with C.J. She asks how education week is going, and Leo parrots back part of Santos's speech. She tells him that she got a call from the Vinick campaign about their security briefer, who bent Vinick's ear for too much time talking about Kazakhstan. Leo wonders if there actually is a problem in Kazakhstan, and C.J. tells him there's nothing important. She tells him that Vinick has asked for a new briefer because "the guy wouldn't shut up." I think we're supposed to think that everything we saw in the last episode happened sometime in the last week, but if that's the case, there's some time missing. Last week's events happened right after Santos finished his reserve drill. Assuming the reserve drill started on the 99th day before Election Day and lasted until the 97th or 96th day, the four or five days we saw in the last episode should have brought us to the 90th day before Election day at the latest. Which means we're missing about eight days. It's possible that much time has gone by, but it hardly seems likely to me that the Vinick campaign would have waited so long to complain about the briefer if they thought he was a problem. In any case, C.J. wants to know if anything odd has come up in the briefings for Leo or Santos. Leo is not aware of anything. And then he tells C.J. that he was served a subpoena. A very deep tone, almost subsonic, creeps into the sound mix. C.J. picks up her phone (she had been on speaker) and points out that the press will go crazy over the Democratic Veep nominee being called in to testify, and she asks him if he's gotten a lawyer. He wonders why he should need a lawyer if he's done nothing wrong. Um, was Leo this naïve before his heart attack? Suddenly, C.J.'s cell rings, and Charlie enters the office to tell her, "I have Kate Harper." I hear there's an ointment for that. She asks him what line Kate is on, but it turns out that she's on the in-person line, as she walks in right behind Charlie without so much as an invite. (Why is Charlie filling in for Margaret? Shouldn't there be some substitute from the secretarial pool?) Kate grabs the remote for C.J.'s television and tells her that there's news of a suicide bombing. On the television, someone is reporting that Palestinian Chairman Farad has been the victim of a suicide bombing. It's not known whether Farad survived the attack. Leo starts asking where C.J. went, and she tells him to find a television, quick.

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