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Jack Frost, Nipping At Your Nose

The Santos motorcade pulls up at another campaign event. As Santos exits, there's plenty of cheering, with some booing mixed in. Some of the bystanders are holding anti-intelligent design signs. Which is not to say the protesters believe in stupid design -- I think they're anti-design in general. (Except, of course, for the affordable design you can get at Target -- nobody's against that.) There is no fucking way these protesters were mobilized this quickly. It's just not possible. ["Hey, don't discount the power of all those pinkos over at Move On." -- Wing Chun] Ned tells Jed that "the Governor" is waiting inside for Santos. Don't get too excited -- we won't be seeing Governor Bundy tonight. Josh tells Ned to make sure there are no reporters in the "parent-teacher roundtable." Josh also tells Lou that, after the roundtable, he wants to put out a statement clarifying Santos's earlier comment. Josh thinks they need to distance themselves from any religious issue, but Lou disagrees: "He's not going to use Medicaid for communion wafers." No, you'd use food stamps for those. She continues, "He said he believes in God, as did Abe Lincoln and George Washington." Lou think that since "the Republicans have nominated a pro-choice and by all accounts anti-God candidate for the first time in history, [the Democrats] have a chance to reach into their base and win back religious voters." I think that many religious voters are already voting for Democrats. The group she actually means (i.e., the religious right wing) is never going to vote for a Democrat -- but they might decide that voting for the Republican isn't really worth it either. Santos catches up with them, and Josh tells him to stay on message: "Someone asks you a question on intelligent design, and you...?" Santos: "Answer it?" Josh says "no," Lou says "yes." But she's smiling when she says it, so I think she's just trying to yank Josh's chain. Josh tells Santos that groups like the ACLU are already demanding a clarifying statement. Lou tells Santos, "Don't let anyone bait you into using any types of..." Josh: "Words." They give him some examples of the types of words he should not use: "evolution," "Genesis," "monkey trial," "creationism," "school," "prayer," "church," "state." Santos: "Amen."

C.J. emerges from the Mural Room (I think) and runs into Charlie. He tells her that Margaret called -- the committee had more questions for her, so she's still testifying. Charlie offers to get C.J. some coffee, but she just wants thirty minutes for a nap. Charlie seems happy to oblige, but she stresses how much she needs some sleep: "I'm starting see weird colors, so no people, no calls." Charlie tells her that Charles Frost called again. She still doesn't know who he is. C.J. draws the blinds in the windows and tells Charlie to close the door as she settles onto the couch for a nap. Just as she gets into what I think is an incredibly uncomfortable-looking position (her head shoved face-down into a pillow and her butt stuck up in the air), there's a knock on the door and Toby enters. He asks her if she's busy, and she tells him through the pillow (but with some grump in her voice), "I'm reading." Toby starts to talk about a meeting he's going to have with Speaker Haffley on the education bill, but C.J. clearly thinks Toby can handle it on his own. And then he tells her, "And I want you to reconsider getting a lawyer." She gets up and calls for Charlie. He enters, and she tells the two of them, "Can't you see that I'm losing my mind? And if I can't sleep, I need at least ten minutes of quiet time to myself. Quiet time! My time! I'm going out to get coffee." She has thrown on her jacket and is getting her wallet out of her massively large purse. She offers to get them something. Charlie offers to get the coffee for her while she takes her nap. He asks her what she'll have. C.J.: "I want a double-shot light on the soy cinnamon chai mocha-chino, no whip, sprinkles, and another shot on top." I am really confused by that order. Chai is a blended tea drink, and a mocha-chino is presumably an espresso/chocolate drink. I'm really not sure those things go together. Of course, I come from that part of the country where there are more Dunkin' Donuts than Starbucks, so what do I know? Charlie and Toby are as confused as I am, based on the looks on their faces. C.J. stops for a second, and says, "I'll write it down."

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