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Josh takes Stanley into the Residence as he tells him, "It wasn't until Buchanan was visited by Edward, Prince of Wales, that he decided there wasn't enough room for guests, but it took another forty years to move all the office space out of the Residence. You're really seeing something, Stanley. Tours don't go up into the second floor of the Mansion." Stanley wonders whether it's really okay that he's there. Josh assures him it is, and then takes him into the President's private study. Stanley still seems mystified, and then asks if they should close the door. Josh: "Nah, that's all right." They both stand there, and Stanley asks Josh how he's been feeling. Josh says, "Good."

Just then, Leo arrives and greets Stanley. Leo wonders whether Josh showed Stanley the soot stains on the North Portico. Leo explains, "From when the British torched the place." Opened a can of whoop-ass, they did. Stanley's surprised to learn they've never repainted it. Leo tells him, "When Dolly Madison heard the cannon fire, she evacuated the building, but she already had the table set for a forty-person dinner party. So the British soldiers ate, and then set the building on fire." Stanley remarks that the food didn't go to waste. Finally, the history lesson ends. Josh gives Leo a significant look, and Leo asks Stanley about his flight, and whether he knew anyone on the plane. Stanley glances at Josh, and then says, "You didn't bring me here to talk to Josh, did you?" Leo says no. "Who did you bring me here to talk to?" POTUS is behind him at the door, saying, "Dr. Keyworth?" Stanley turns and sees Jed, who is wearing a dark red sweater and jeans, and who gently asks, "Did you know anyone on the plane?" Credits.

Stanley says he didn't know anyone on the plane. Leo and Josh take their leave; as they pass Jed in the doorway, he asks, "The speech is going out?" Leo tells him it is, in a few minutes. Jed closes the door.

Jed and Stanley each say their names, and then Jed says, "I guess we knew that." Jed cuts to the chase: "I've been having trouble sleeping." Me too. Stanley: "I'm sorry?" Lord, me too. Jed mutters that it's an election year, and that it wouldn't normally be any big deal for the President to talk to a doctor if he were having trouble sleeping, but what with the MS and the censure and the fact that Stanley's a shrink, it's all a bit touchy. Stanley gets it. He refrains from telling Jed he's not talking to the paperboy. He points out he's a trauma specialist, not an expert in sleep disorders. Jed knows. He knows Stanley helped Josh. Stanley says Josh was shot. Bartlet: "Me too." Stanley: "Is that why you can't sleep?" Jed: "How would I know?" Stanley thinks that's a fair point.

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