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Leo's office. Leo is reading. Toby paces nervously in front of Leo's desk. Leo says, "I should be able to at least fire paintballs at you while you do that." No, wait, different show, different recap. Leo just mentions the pacing in an impatient tone of voice. Toby stops and just stands in front of Leo's desk. Leo tries to go back to reading and then says, "Okay, now the standing still is bothering me a little bit." What a fussbudget. Toby glares a bit, makes a sort of fine-what-would- you-like-me-to-do gesture, and then sits down, rubs his forehead, and comments, "This is the fifth time you're reading it. Are there words in there you don't understand?" Wow, somebody certainly is secure in his job. Leo just takes his glasses off and looks at him, all Leo-like. Toby mumbles, as he fidgets with his tie, "Of course there wouldn't be, because you can't rise to a position like yours without..." He gets up and paces some more, arguing that the speech embodies exactly the approach they agreed to take -- that they're tired of being criticized for the President's scattershot foreign policy...he keeps rambling, but Leo gently interjects that he thinks it's great. Toby seems vaguely surprised. Leo adds, with mild but ill-concealed pleasure, "You know your wife's going to have something to say about it, though." Toby states, "My ex-wife. Why do you call her my wife?" Leo: "It bothers you." Toby: "Everything bothers me." This is why Toby and I are soulmates. Well, until Act II, anyway. Toby: "But you pick that?" Leo, without apology: "Yeah." Toby just kind of looks annoyed. Leo asks about what he and POTUS discussed the night of the Iowa caucus. Toby says it was nothing. Leo says that Jed seemed kind of upset about it. Toby says it didn't go well, and that it was personal. Leo thinks POTUS always loves personal discussions. I'm a little surprised that Jed didn't tell Leo more about it; it seems like he would have. Toby asks what Jed thinks about the speech. Leo seems very surprised to be asked this, and says that Jed thinks it's great: "He hasn't said anything to you?" Toby says they haven't talked in a little while. Leo wonders just what the hell went on; Toby tells Leo not to worry about it. Leo says he's going to read the speech again. Toby comments that it will be the sixth time, and leaves, finding C.J. waiting outside to talk to Leo. As they pass each other in the doorway, Toby asks if she's read it. She says it's great. As she closes the door, she adds, "Someone's going to get an ass-kicking from the missus." Toby starts to object loudly, but she just closes the door. Sadly, that is all the C.J.-Toby interaction we get for this episode. Sigh. But don't worry; they still love each other. Plus, we get to see him with his ex-wife, and that's usually good for some chemistry. Andy and Toby are very believable both as a past couple, and as a divorced couple now.

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