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Leo tells C.J. the speech is what they asked for: "We're going to have to get ready for it, though." C.J. says that something else has come up, and explains that Leonard Wallace just told her about Bill Price being missing in the Congo; she mentions that Leonard hasn't gotten anywhere with State. Leo looks appropriately dismayed. C.J. continues, "The embassy in Kinshasa confirmed that a Belgian TV crew shooting outside Goma saw an American captured by MaiMai rebels." Leo asks, "Hasn't State had a travel advisory out for, like, ten years?" Apparently it's actually been twenty-four years. Leo: "What the hell is he doing there?" C.J.: "Reporting a story no one is paying attention to." And while we're on it: thank God for the courageous people -- writers, journalists, photographers, and so on -- who try to cover and relate some of the thousands and thousands of important but ignored stories. Leo suggests speaking with the Congolese attaché. C.J. indicates he's on his way. She leaves.

Toby returns to the bullpen, telling Sam, "He liked it. He liked it a lot. Mostly what I wrote. Not so much what you wrote." Sam is unruffled by this. Moreover, he asks Toby, "So, how long do you think before the old lady comes by to give you a whooping?" The old lady? Nice talk. Toby asks if her office has already called. Sam, with evident delight: "You bet, baby." I think Sam is channelling somebody. Exactly who, I'm not sure. But...this is not Sam talking. Austin Powers, maybe. Toby sighs and advises, "You probably want to rethink calling me 'baby,' right?" He goes into his office. Sam chuckles, "Yeah."

Just then, Sam notices Ainsley flouncing in, wearing a long, slinky, black halter-neck dress with a wrap. Her hair is up in a long high ponytail, with a braid of hair wrapped around the place where the crown of her head meets the ponytail. It's kind of a nod to Barbara Eden as Jeannie (without the bangs, the veil and the quasi-fez -- okay, that's not much of a nod. Never mind). ["I have to say, other than the hair, she looks great. Ainsley, sweetie, you've never heard of a French twist?" -- Wing Chun] Sam: "Whoa, Nellie!" Ainsley says "Hello," cheerfully. Sam says, "Hayes, you could make a good dog break his leash." What is this, Dogpatch? Daisy Mae explains she was at a social function. Damn, I thought she was just being used as part of an incredibly contrived way to address some of the criticisms about sexism on the show, but I guess I was mistaken. Li'l Abner wonders, "Americans for the Preservation of Family Values and White People?" Daisy Mae sweetly replies, "The Federalist Society." Li'l Abner: "A hootenanny!" Cripes, it is Dogpatch. Daisy Mae says she was paged and told to come in. Li'l Abner leads her into his office saying, "Yes; 3250 is a consolidated appropriations act that we want to drop into the UN speech for Monday morning. I need you to review the final legislative language so we can shop it around the Hill over the weekend." Daisy Mae takes off her wrap and puts it on a chair. She asks, "What does it call for?" Li'l Abner claims not to know. Daisy Mae says, "[Li'l Abner]..." He states, "It authorizes the payment of $926 million in UN dues over three years in exchange for a reduction in UN bureaucracy as well as peacekeeping assessments by the General Assembly." Daisy Mae examines the document Li'l Abner handed her and asks what they're concerned about. Li'l Abner says the language was drafted by Republicans. Daisy Mae: "We're inscrutable." He just wants her to look for "legal land mines." Daisy Mae: "Like what?" Isn't that your job? To...um, know that? Li'l Abner: "I don't know. A ban on German food, or a hidden amendment saying how annoying the French are." Or a prohibition on people from Sag Harbor talking like they're from a cartoon about Appalachia? Daisy Mae suggests they drop out of the UN entirely and use the $926 million to take everyone in the country out to lunch. She gathers up her things as Li'l Abner says, "Why don't y'all write that suggestion in the margin?" She says she'll be in her office, and as she turns to leave, Li'l Abner gets a load of how low-cut her gown is in the back. He's all, "Whoa! I didn't even see that thing from the back!" She waltzes out, past a woman we've never seen before standing by the door. She's shorter than Daisy Mae, has dark hair pulled back in a ponytail, and is wearing a black skirt and grey sweater set. She's allowed to display enough of a reaction, even though it's only a moment, that we know she's going to figure into the story somehow.

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