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Back in the bullpen, Sam comes out of his office hollering for Ginger. The mysterious dark-haired woman from the earlier scene tells him that both Bonnie and Ginger have gone to get something to eat. Sam wonders if they've met; the woman says no and introduces herself as Celia Walton. Basically, she's Winifred the Sassy Intern's older sister. I can't help wondering why Sam is Sorkin's favourite target for these types of interactions. Sam believes that she's one of the people who was sent over "for the week," (presumably to help out with the UN speech). She says she is. He says they appreciate her help. That's our Sam: typically courteous. Celia says, "I go where I'm told."

After a beat, Celia asks, "Do you mind if I say something to you?" Sam doesn't. Celia: "The way you talked to that woman before..." Here we go. Sam: "What woman?" Celia: "I don't know her name...the dog on a leash?" Hey, that's a fair representation of the charges of sexism. Because Sam didn't call Ainsley anything of the sort, and in fact, the allusion he made implied he was the "good dog," and if Celia actually misheard him and thought he said otherwise, this is the exact moment at which he should be clarifying that. Those of us who level charges of sexism at the show (and it's not exclusive to TWoP -- I've read a number of articles in print and online on the same subject) don't have to fabricate comments or dialogue to criticize. Anyway, Sam says, "That was Ainsley Hayes. She's an Associate Counsel." Celia: "Yeah. It was rude, it was inappropriate, and it was offensive." Sam: "What did I do?" Celia: "You demeaned her." Sam explains: "No. We're friends. It's a completely mature...you know..." You might want to find another word than "mature," Sam. The relationships between men and women on this show are a lot of things, but by and large, "mature" is not one of the words on the top ten list of ways I'd describe them. Sam adds, "Also, she started it." I'm not sure if this refers to her starting it by wearing a clingy dress or all the way back to when she embarrassed him on TV when they first met. But hey, excellent defense. Mature, too. Celia: "Whatever." Sam: "Well...okay." Sam returns to his office, but of course, it's not over. He turns around and says, "I wasn't demeaning her, I was complimenting her." Celia replies, "She's an Associate White House Counsel and you're complimenting her on her sexuality?" Sam says, "She looked good in that dress, I thought." Celia: "Okay."

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