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C.J.'s in Leo's office, and mentions that Price's wife is in C.J.'s office now. Leo asks if Mrs. Price very upset. Who wouldn't be? As Margaret comes in at that moment to bring in the Congolese attaché, C.J. says Mrs. Price is with Leonard. When the man comes in, Leo announces, "Everybody, this is McKennen Loboko, the Congolese attaché." He and Leo shake hands. He corrects Leo: "McKonnen." Leo apologizes. He states the reporter's situation to Loboko, who says, "He shouldn't have been travelling without proper documentation." C.J. comments, "The MaiMais care about proper documentation, do they?" Loboko turns to her and says, "I beg your pardon?" C.J.: "If his papers were in order he wouldn't have been abducted at gunpoint?" Loboko says, "We haven't been introduced." C.J.: "I'm C.J. Cregg. I'm the White House Press Secretary. That guy sat in my room for a year. His wife's sitting in my office. His two kids are sitting at home and I want him back!" Didn't Leonard say he had three kids? Loboko gently asks, "You think I have him in my briefcase?" C.J. replies, "This is a shakedown, so tell us how much money, and where does it go?" Loboko: "The Congolese government doesn't negotiate with murderers." Pfft. Every government negotiates with murderers. Governments do whatever the hell is expedient, and whatever the hell they can get away with. C.J. snipes, "The Congolese government is a myth!" Loboko turns to Leo and states, "I can't talk to this woman." I'm a little surprised Leo's been so quiet. And if this is any example of American informal diplomacy, no wonder there are so many problems internationally. ["Why is C.J. so loca this year? This is just like the scene with the veterans. Get a grip, woman." -- Wing Chun] Leo simply says, "Mr. Loboko, how much money, and where does it go?" And it's half-time.

Donna returns to the White House, and runs into Josh, who asks, "Where've you been?" She says she told him that she was going out. Josh: "For an hour?" Donna: "Well...yeah." Well, now that Josh has expressed his irritation, his interest in Donna's life has snapped back down to zero, and he says, "There's an editorial on sugar subsidies in the International Herald-Tribune. Make sure Leo gets a copy. Also: make sure you send me home with a Congressional face book." Donna asks why. Josh: "I'm still mixing up Cooper and Hooper." Donna: "Why?" Josh replies, "'Cause 'Cooper' sounds a lot like 'Hooper.' What does it matter? Just..." Donna suddenly blurts: "I got offered a job tonight." Josh, fiddling with some files: "What do you mean?" Donna asks if Josh knows Casey Reid, a college friend of hers. He doesn't. He asks: "That's where you were? At a job interview?" She says it wasn't an interview, they were just meeting for a drink. Josh asks what the job is, but he's flipping through a document as he does so, and it's impossible to tell whether he's trying to hide his panic by feigning a lack of interest, or whether he's just being his usual sincerely uninterested self. She explains that he asked her to be Issues Director of a startup website focusing on political commentary. Josh repeats this with the merest tinge of disdain. Donna assures him: "Dot-coms aren't dying, just the hype." Josh: "Really? Sounds like the hype's alive and well, too." Hee. Donna, trying to act blasé: "I suppose." Josh: "You suppose? You can't be thinking of taking a job that may not be around a year from now." Donna: "This job may not be around a year from now." Touché. Which is yet another reason to take it. Especially when it probably pays about five times what she makes now. ["Eh. I'm still not so sure I'd risk taking a dot-com job right now. Oh, wait...." -- Wing Chun] Josh: "He offered you money?" No, they're going to pay her in Necco wafers and Kinder Eggs. Donna, slightly exasperated with the tone of Josh's questioning: "Yeah." Josh says, "All I can offer you is a title bump." Donna's only too eager to hear what she can get from Josh out of this: "Like what?" Josh: "Senior Assistant to the Deputy Chief for Strategic Planning." Donna: "That's my title now." Josh: "Then I can't offer you a title bump." And we're done with that. As he returns to his office, Josh points and reminds Donna, "The sugar subsidy editorial and the face book, okay?" He walks away reciting, "Cooper and Hooper." Donna looks very, very disappointed, almost as though she expected Josh to be a little more worried that she might leave, and show some mild level of concern about the possibility. You know -- to, um...care. She walks away slowly to get Josh the stuff he needs, wondering why she works so damn hard for such a smug, self-absorbed dork, not to mention why she's in love with him.

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