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Cuba Libre. Or Maybe A Mojito.

Crowded bar. Kate's old CIA buddy is knocking back a drink. Kate joins him, and he tells her, "A cigarette, a lighter, and the password, and we'd be back ten years." He asks her if she misses being undercover, and she tells him that she misses "the excitement, dressing up and down, disappearing into character..." He starts to talk about her ex-husband, who is still "down there." But she cuts him off and asks why she called him again. He tells her that he wanted to apologize: "I knew back then what was going on. What it was doing to you. I should have protected you better." She tells him that it's too late now and it was too late then. Too late for what? Damned if I know. And then Andy drops it on her that he's doing the twelve steps, and he's at step nine, the part where he has to make amends to the people he's harmed. If John Sacret Young ever gets to step nine, he had damn well better call each and every person who sat through this episode. 'Cause he's got some serious apologizing to do. Kate thanks Andy for the apology, and then he warns her that the story about Leo's trip is about to break. And then she says, "South side, Chicago, Chicago, south side. It's Little Italy."

Kate walks through the West Wing, pulling off her black leather gloves. More fucking spy music plays in the background.

Kate walks into C.J.'s office and plops down in a chair. Kate talks about how she never imagined that she would work in the White House, and that she had a crappy childhood. C.J. asks her what's going on, and Kate tells her, "Tomorrow morning, Cuban-American factions are going public with Leo's visit to Cuba." Commercials.

Jed walks into the Office of O. A fucking subtitle tells us that it's Wednesday night. C.J., Toby, Cliff, Kate, and Leo are assembled, waiting for him. As everyone sits, C.J. tells Jed that news of Leo's trip will break the next day. C.J. suggests that they could spin it by claiming that all they did was listen to what the Cubans had to say, but Jed doesn't want to go that way. Toby points out that they have to think about the impact on the South Carolina and Florida primaries. Apparently, news about Fidel Castro has strange time-altering properties, seeing as how the South Carolina primary already happened. Also, I don't get the concern over the primaries. I mean, who cares if Cuban-Americans don't vote in the Democratic primary? It's not like it means anything if more of them vote in the Republican primary than in the Democratic primary. (I understand concerns about the general election, but fear that "the Democrats" will be hurt in the primaries seems illogical to me.) Cliff points out that Russell will find a way to turn the meeting to his advantage, in light of his strong anti-Castro history. Toby thinks that Santos probably hasn't decided how he would respond. Jed asks Cliff how Vinick and Walken (the Republican candidates) will respond. Cliff tells him that Vinick probably agrees with Jed, but won't say anything, and Walken will come out swinging. Leo tells Jed that he should look past politics and campaigns. Jed asks, "It's here, isn't it?" What's here, you ask? Why, according to Leo, it's a cliff. Jed asks C.J. and Toby what he should do, and they both think he should jump. Jed tells them to get him some airtime as soon as possible. Toby tells Jed that he thinks they should let the candidates know what's happening. Debbie walks in and tells Jed that Bingo Bob is still waiting, but he tells her to get Vinick on the phone first, and then Santos, and then he'll see the Veep.

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